Fantasies #tellmeabout

Before starting to write this post I thought I would read a few notes on what physiologists say about sexual fantasy. The main thread was that there is still not enough evidence to conductively map a person’s sexual fantasy to the reasons behind it.  So before you go off and spend a load of money on […]

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Fantasy Raffle

10 – Write me a fantasy to carry me away to an erotic land!  This is something that we tried last year in the D/s advent calendar for 2017 and so we thought that it would be nice to give it a go again. And as fantasy tends to turn into reality with us, this […]

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Why would you?

“Why would you like to watch me suck another man’s cock? Missy asked me the other day. This wasn’t some random question she decided to throw in, we had been having a discussion about some kinky thing and my reaction must have sparked it.  I responded without really thinking and said, “I would get off […]

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