Marriage Guidance

Could D/s Be The Replacment For Marriage Guidance?

Could D/s be the replacement for Marriage Guidance? (MG)  I'm aware that is both a bold and broad brush question, however, just bear with me a moment. My marriage to


Why would you?

"Why would you like to watch me suck anothes man's cock? Missy asked me the other day.  This wasn't some random question she decided to throw in, we had been

10TH Century Spanking


I can't remember the first time I formerly spanked missy.  I don't mean formally as in sending an invitation with an RSVP, I meant more spanking with an emphasis on

Not All Men?

I read with great interest a blog post entitled 'Men Should STFU.'  In fact it wasn't just interest, it prompted a great deal of personal reflection.  I do encourage you

She’s A Kinda’ Mover

There is one thing that turns me on about Missy that can be shared in public and that is her youthful energy when dancing.  She really does dance like no

Even more Sketchy! (by request)

Having completed 500 words for Flash Friday and Masturbation Monday last week, I had calls to close this out. I hope it meets with your approval! (First part can be


"She keeps saying that if you are ever in her part of the world to let her know. Do it for me, pleeease? She's my Mum's coolest friend and was

Travel Broadens The Mind

As some of you know, I have to travel away from home to earn a living a fair amount.  Most of the places I visit are not holiday hotspots, however,

Share and Make Others Aware! — Pillow Talk by Posy Churchgate and an Interview with Hislordship!

I was asked by the lovely PosyChurchgate this week if I would contribute to her SOSS post by consenting to an interview. How exciting I thought!  I also asked to

Climb Every Mountain

Our D/s journey has been by and large one of discovery, both personal and as a team. It hasn't all been about the power exchange and sexual exploration, there's a

‘The Next Train Leaving Platform 4 is…’

It is no secret that missy and I have discovered the joint thrill of taking photographs of her, and occassionaly the two of us together.  When we first started out

If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training!

She watched the drop of rain fall from the edge of the green plastic sheet above her. Every so often, the small puddle that formed near the edge would empty


  I don’t know about you, but there are times, even when things generally could be a lot better, I feel closer to my partner. I said partner when I

KinkFest UK 2018 – Reflection

I've only just walked through the door after a very draining seven hour drive home through the rain. Well, just walked through, is a mild exaggeration, nachos and wine may

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