Welcome to my blog and thank you in advance for taking the time to browse through the material contained within.

My reasons for managing a blog are many, however, in brief I originally hoped that it would help me locate couples living primarily in the UK who are in, or thinking of entering into, a D/s relationship that are either married or in a long term relationship. I hoped to share my thoughts, read that of others, raise positive awareness of LTR  in D/s and to have some fun with our chosen lifestyle.

I am also the co-founder of The SafeworD/s Club which is an on line community for people either in or entering into a D/s relationship. Missy and I wanted to create a non-pretentious environment for people to make friends, contribute to forums and generally learn more about our chosen lifestyle. Come and check us out!

Please feel free to comment and follow me so that I can too reciprocate the kindness.




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