Dimming the Darkness

There is something about candle light that adds just the right amount illumination to an environment.  A candle flame knows its limits; In the darkest of places it cannot push beyond the power it gives off no matter how it tries.  In a way it is like D/s and being a couple, if you are fortunate enough to find that of course.  Being two candles you double your power in the darkeness. You get to see more of what is out there, it allows you to explore without fear of falling and losing your way; For there is always another candle being held aloft to still see and reignite the extinguished flame.

Missy and I have dropped one of our candles a few time over the years and the other one has been there to get things back on the path.  In some ways the SWC has allowed many candles to shine and throw more light on a subject that is very much hidden in the dark.  For some, the accumilated light has acted as a beacon to others who have not yet found a candle to light and in time they find the spark to have a flame of their own.

There is something about candle light…

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