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About this time last year, I wrote a post on photography. It was more to do with my relationship with a camera and taking photos of Missy. Nothing has changed in my feelings towards capturing her image on film, albeit a total lack of activity in that department for a number of reasons over the last year.

The Wicked Wednesday prompt of Digital made me think a little, or enough to start typing, as to where this technology might end up in my lifetime.  In the years I have been alive, capturing images has moved from 35mm film in big cameras, to small camera, to disposable, to mobile phones with cameras, pens with cameras, buttons with cameras, in fact today you can stick a camera lens with a Bluetooth connection in almost anything.  The latest is 3d/4d images with multiple camera lenses is doing amazing work to create fantastic works of art. But where will it end?

I am kind of hoping that you will be able to project HD quality images in holographic format right in front of you. The technology is there already, although the equipment is the size of a family house and very impractical.  Having life size images of missy in front of me captured at various locations and time periods would be amazing.  Think of all the fun you could have with selected friends!  Obviously, the technology would develop to moving images as well and then the fun really starts. I’m getting carried away with my projection of the future, however, it is surprising what people come up with in one lifetime for it to become a reality in another.

30 years ago, I worked with a guy who was nearing retirement. He had been a sailor in his youth in the merchant navy. He looked like an underweight version of Popeye and was incredibly wrinkly. His name was Ernie and he was the sharpest card player I have ever known.  On the day he retired he came and found me to say his goodbyes. Before he left, he handed me a large hardback book in a carrier bag.

“Something for your kids to laugh about.” He said walking away, pipe in mouth and opening a can of spinach.

When I got home, I opened the bag to find a book published in the early 1900’s on the future of aviation. The images were of hot air balloons, and very fragile looking aircraft. At the back of the book was a drawing that made me smile. It depicted an artist’s impression of crude looking helicopters hopping from roof top to roof top of tall buildings delivering people and parcels.  It is odd to think that 50 years later this was a reality and 70 years later we had a supersonic passenger aircraft. Everything is possible with time and money, I guess.

Will I get the holographic image of missy in my lifetime, maybe not?  I have the real thing which tops all the technology you can get, however, wouldn’t it be fun for people to look back and to see what people actually looked like life-size.  I imagine there will be many different inventions before my holograph appears and yet it really doesn’t take away that feeling you get looking at an image, regardless of age, that transports you back to happy places. Just don’t forget to say….’Cheese!’

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  1. If you really sit back and think of it, there has been so much development in technology over the past 150-200 years, and already so much in our lifetimes. I love anything digital, and holographic images definitely have my attention too!
    ~ Marie xox

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