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I’m not entirely sure how my D/s or screen name came about exactly.  I think it had something to do with a US based D/s community site I was once a member of and trying to show my ‘Britishness’ off I went for His Lordship. Why I chose the actual name is must have been part of a selection proess initiated by missy.  Having a name didn’t really matter that much to me back then, however, so many people know me as HL I’ve got used to it. Even people who know my real name and have spent actual time in my company address me as HL.  I guess it’s to stay!

At home missy uses my real name due to the fact we have young people around, although on occassion she has called me Sir which appeared to be a laugh to the kids, but a private joke between us.  If we are playing, then I will tell missy to call me Sir to ensure we have some boundaries, and if she is referring to me to other D/s friends, I am back to HL again.  So I am back where I started.

We have two lives, like most of you, the domestic life that family see and the D/s life that you see. They are on opposite sides of river that we travel and depending on what bank we drop anchor will depend on the titles we use.  Sometimes the river is so narrow that we find ourselves in a mix of titles, but to be honest no one really notices.  What is intesting is that HL & Missy are such well used terms of reference for us, we know exactly what head space we should be in to use them.  If missy wants to get my attention for anything D/s related, calling me HL will have my ears up, and the same goes for when I need missy to tune in.  One word and the spell of normality is broken and we walk through the looking glass.

Missy does have a ‘middle’ persona who is referred to as Lime. She’s cheeky and playfull and once  into that space she requires a different title. It seems to suit her I have to say, and being cheeky she wanted a older gentleman to look after her. Major Herbert Lemon became one of her characters for me and it allowed her move outside of usual dynamic for a bit of fun.  So there is quite a bit in a name if used in a certain way. From keeping the dynamic boundaries clear to having just fun messing about, names and titles help hold that together and give a reference point to know where one is at any given time.  For me HL just sounds as natural as the name I was born with, in fact it’s probably used more!

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  1. I agree that the names are now so much part of us that they feel like who we really are. Although HL didn’t seem like you to begin with, now that is how I think of you and am sometimes worried I will slip up and use it when I shouldn’t. Missy x

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