Harmony – Is She or Isn’t She?

They tracked the path of her yellow coloured MGB-Roadster sports car as it wound itself up the hill to the staff car park. The two young men were leaning out of the window smoking cigarettes. They could have smoked in the office, however, that would have stopped them from seeing the new Head of HR that started on Monday arrive in her shiney little car.

“I don’t like it when it rains, it stops her from taking the top off her car. I like the way the wind blows her hair.”

“Mmmmm I agree.” said the better looking guy in far away voice.

Her car swung into a parking space a little too fast and shot a handful of gravel against the door of the MD’s Bentley.

“Oooh that’s twice this week she’s done that, old Parker’s going to be mad when washes his car at the weekend and sees the damage.”

“What makes you think He washes his car?”

“Fair point.” Said the better looking of the two in submission.

Harmony grabbed her bag from the passenger seat, took a quick look in the rear view mirror and alighted from the car with both knees tightly together.  1960’s fashion was not for the modest, however, she wasn’t about to give the two crows perched on the window ledge an eyefull, even if they had been there most of the week waiting.  Pretending not to notice them she walked across the large car park making sure she was noticed, but in a matter-of-fact way.  Reaching the entrance to reception she clearly heard the lesser looking of the two say,

“Is she or isn’t she?  Knickers I mean, what do you think?”

She didn’t wait for the other guy to answer and disappeared through the main doors. It did irritate her sometimes that remarks were made about women as if they were inanimate objects.

“Morning Harmony.” She heard in chorus from the two crows as she entered the floor.

“Good morning gentlemen, both on best behaviour I hope?” She responded as she walked past them.

The secondary good looking of the two, under his breath, but still audible to anyone close by, or those having just walked past said,

“I would give up my job here and now to know if she’s got knickers on. Boy what I wouldn’t do to her..”

The better looking of the two said something that Harmony didn’t hear, although the guy who was certainly the more redundant looking, and now very much uglier by the minute said,

“Oh shut up, it’s just a laugh, and besides she’s probably been around the circuit more times than her sports car.”

Harmony stopped. Depsite being 1967 she was still in charge of HR, female or not.  Turning into the empty copy room she placed her bag on a shelf, wiggled her mini shirt up and with a quick hook of her thumbs lowered and stepped out of her small black knickers.

“She heard you mate, and she coming back, you should really apologise” Said the now very much more attractive guy.

“Not on your life mate, I rather….”

“Hello,” she said stopping in front of the almost hideous guy. “I understand you wanted to know if I was wearing knickers and you would give something in exchange. That is what you said isn’t it?”

“Errr yea,” He was heard to say with half a smile on his face.

“Well here you are,” she said dropping the small delicate object in his lap. “And off you go, your job in excnage for knowing what isn’t your business.”

She looked at the now stunningly good looking one,

“Would you like a drink after work?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Excellent, no where near the river though please, I hear it gets a bit drafty in the evening.”

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