Patience of an Angel

Relationships can be fickle things as I am sure you know. The longer you are together with the right person the quicker you are to make allowances for their behavioural changes and either accept the situation as it is or make something from it.

These past few years have been challenging in many ways, and with a pandemic thrown in this has only amplified areas that needed greater focus. Both missy and I have struggled with certain elements in our busy lives and we still manage to function quite well.  A lot of the time it is not compromise, more acceptance that things are different and could be better with more effort.  Currently trying to find the inner energy to get yourself back to where you would like to be is a tough call.

I am a very calm and patient person outwardly. I can be incredibly intolerant internally to aspects of life that I disagree with, however, with some discussion I often find that I soften quickly which does feel personally rewarding for some strange reason.  I have things that really irritate me, however, they are my itches that I have to live with and are really first world problems if I am honest.  My biggest impatience comes from my own behaviour, and not that from others.

As the Dominant partner in our relationship, I agreed to uphold many things, and in the main I have most covered off, that is the easy ones I refer to, not the ones that require focus and effort. It is where I am at in life currently and I am making small changes to stop myself being pissed off.  However, this post is not about my patience, it is more the patience of my partner.

Many of you who know missy, my sub, will have an appreciation for the life she lives and the responsibilities she has to other people. It is a never-ending conveyor belt of woes and misfortune that she has to help people work through. It is mentally draining and if it were me, I would be asleep with minutes of walking through the door, but not missy.  She not only has the patience and focus to listen at length to emotionally draining scenarios daily, but she also has our large family and of course, me.

I have no idea where I would be without the support and heavenly patience she gives me. It is sometimes so accommodating I feel quite guilty that she manages, despite the howling wind of life in her ears, to not just accept where we are, but to justify it.  Missy has said on some past occassions that her level of tolerance has backfired on her and maybe being more selfish would have been better all round. I probably agree with her, however, who knows which way that would have gone?

I really did not intend this piece to be a summary of missy’s positivity and virtues, for she too can test the patience of a saint by her sometimes lack of inner positivity.  In a recent post about MILFs I extended my thoughts to readers that I am proud to have a MILF of my own, and a small part of her loved that, but didn’t really believe it I’m sure.  We are both the wrong side of 50, or may be the right side, who knows, but I see missy as a woman that desires to be pushed, tested, and manipulated sexually. Her age has nothing to do with her sexual value as I know that first-hand she has a witch-like sexuality that can be quite dangerous as she does know how to use it!  Her inner patience comes into play here again whereby she parks her own needs for another day and focusses on someone else who needs it.

Patience is a quality that can rob you of your own rewards, and at times it can pay you back two fold. For missy, I want her rewards to be paid back with interest, and despite her flexibility, she is strong and I am reminded of a quote from former British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher when she said, “I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” 


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    • Even the most patient can and will be tested from time to time. And you are right that patience is not always a positive aspect. We have all been tested this past year, and while yes…for many of us these are “first world problems.” But it is relative, and it can have a great impact on our relationships. Stopping to appreciate each other for the good is a worthy activity.

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