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Dominant headspace. What allows me to access my Dominant headspace? What does it feel like when I am in this space and how does it differ to the way that I think and feel at other times? 

Supporting people to try and find their headspace is much easier that finding my own. Telling people where to look and how to build an environment for it grow is again much simpler; My conclusion to this is that I have managed to eliminate all distractions for them, however, for me, the distractions are a constant.  I thought I should probably list them here just to examine where I am on the topic.

  1. Fatigue – general tiredness at the end of a working day.
  2. Lack of private space to interact in a way that I would wish.
  3. My partner’s behaviour – we tend to mirror behaviours so this can be counterproductive as well.
  4. General environment (being locked down 11 months into Covid)
  5. Lack of self-drive

The list is not exhaustive, however, I have captured the general points.  I find often I am more Dominant in the morning when I have energy; I’m certainly hornier for sure!  Having said that, I am also more dominant when there is a connection between Missy and I; You know the type I mean, where you can feel the buzz!  The connection does not have to be sexual, as in sexual play, although feeling the desire for one another is an additional layer.

I listed all the things above that inhibit my Dominance, and if I’m completely honest they could be viewed as excuses not to be Dominant. Everything from 1-5 can be changed or adapted with a few tweaks here and there, and often changes are made to combat the negatives.

So what inspires me to be Dominant?  Well, here are my counter 5;

  1. Vulnerability in missy. Behaviours that indicate she needs something from me.
  2. Seeing her naked body. Whilst missy may feel down about the aging process, she overlooks how good she looks and that people do desire her
  3. Submission, both mentally and physically. If I can get her body to give over to me, then this triggers a sadistic side that I can tap into. On a few occasions missy has been pushed over the mental cliff and is just malleable to anything I wish to do.
  4. Missy discussing anything sexual that she enjoys or is willing to do for me.
  5. Her mindset when experiencing humiliation.  When she is lost to those thoughts my Dominance wants to go into overdrive.

Currently, in February 2021, everyone is facing the challenges that governments have put in place regarding  health restrictions and free movement.  The fall out mentally is now coming home to roost and diverts so much energy there feels little left. Time will move forward and slowly life will find its balance, whatever that may be. Above all, we as a couple need to ensure we stay close and not forget that behind closed doors, we are in a D/s relationship and love each other very much.

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  1. Almost a year into this Covid thing, I notice that we all are being influenced by lockdowns, by not being able to live our lives like we were used to. It’s even more important now to have the connection, and to get into the right headspace.
    ~ Marie xox

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