My Sexual Journey – If you’re interested.

It’s easy it simplify personal reflection; skip the bits that seem irrelevant to you and normalise the unusual. After all, you live with your own tales and memories every day, so it’s understandable that to dumb things down is a naturally occurring event. Having said that, sometimes, and not often, you recall an event where it resonates with someone and carries far more weight that you gave it credit. So, based on that theory, here is my journey, in as few words as I can muster.

Sex for me arrived at the age of 15. I was still unsure how many holes a girl had at the age of 14, and no one I knew had a better idea than me. The closest I got to understanding was a friend of mine who said that I needed an elastic band as well as a condom when having sex. Our postman was always dropping elastic bands in the flower bed bordered path to our house, so I had a collection of a few hundred before I got a sexually active girlfriend some 2 years later. It came as a surprise that elastic bands were not needed, who knew eh?

So at the age of 14 my friend and I ended up at a girls house whose mother was out for the evening. We sat around, discussing topics I cannot recall, when she produced a bottle of alcohol, again the detail escapes me. I do remember feeling slightly light headed when the girl later suggested she remove her clothes. On reflection, I think her mother, who was more mature in years than most I knew, purchased her underwear for her daughter. Before us stood a large breasted 14 year old girl in what can only be described as her grandmothers knickers and bra. I’m not sure made it through the front door first, however, we both arrived at the bottom of the tower block’s stairs in record time fighting for breath. I do sometimes feel bad for her, however, I do also wonder where she thought the evening was going?

At 15 I lost my virginity to a girl who was of dubious character and my junior, although I didn’t know that at the time, ‘Your Honour.’ The less said about that the better as it was both memorable and desirably forgettable at the same time. Very quickly after that fateful afternoon I met a girl at school, and as we entered our 16th year we explored each other. Actually, we didn’t explore any thing if I’m honest. We would rapid sex her on her bathroom floor hoping one of her 6 brothers and 3 sisters would not catch us, not to mention her parents! We continued this wonderful love affair between the sink and toilet for about 6 months before the overwhelming romance faded.

There then followed a string of uninteresting relationships that involved sex of which I have no memory, and I am sure they have none too. I wouldn’t say I was looking for lasting relationships and therefore just flited about with no plan or desire to form anything meaningful.

At the age of 18 I went to work for a very large company and life changed sexually. I worked everyday with over 400 women and therefore the odds are stacked in my favour. I placed my bets without a care and still my numbers came in. It was a good time, however, it was also shallow and without any emotional connection. Within a year I dated a girl 6 years my senior that knew a lot more about me regarding relationships, so much so she wanted to get married. That relationship ended in a tale worthy of its own post!

At 21 I met my future first wife, at 24 we were married and remained so for 16 years. Sex was functional and it produced my amazing kids, who now are all adults. It would be fair to say that marrying young we grew up and apart at an equal pace. Finally we called it a day and tried to separate like adults. We managed this really well and ended up divorcing hating each other to the extreme which still remains today.

Jump forward to my relationship with Missy. View this as coming out of the dark into the light, cold into the heat and dry in to the wet (TMI?) Anyway, we both knew we were kinky very quickly and finally found someone that could appreciate our personal tastes. As Victor Kiam once said about Braun Shavers, “I liked it so much, I brought the company!” And so we moved in together and brought each other’s love for sexual exploration.

Thinking back it doesn’t seem that long before Missy came to me with the concept of a D/s relationship, and the rest as they say, is history. The events that have taken place between then and now are well documented in both our blogs. I did say at the beginning of this post that we tend to dumb down our past, and I have probably done just that to save trawling over 35 years of up and downs! Maybe somethings are best left alone and saved for an alcohol fuelled dinner party where shock and awe are part of the cheese board! 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, and you had me smiling at some points with the humor you put into your words. And wonderful that you and Missy found each other 🙂
    I also think this is true for many people who marry (too) young: “It would be fair to say that marrying young we grew up and apart at an equal pace.”
    ~ Marie xox

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