Oral Sex

It’s quite intimate isn’t it, oral sex?  I mean, you’re rummaging around with your face in areas of the body that 90% of the time are activities of bodily waste.  You didn’t need reminding of that? Well, I think it’s important on a hygiene level you need to get that out of the way first.  I once had an experience of giving oral sex to a woman and getting a mouthful of toilet paper.  It wasn’t the best experience I have to admit, and may well have been the beginning of the end of my first marriage, possibly. So, keep it clean and all will be well, that does include your cock, balls and anus, just to be thorough.

Now we have the health piece out of the way, and you manged to get the toilet paper image out of your head, let’s go back to the start of the post; it’s quite intimate isn’t it, oral sex?

The general opinion is that yes it is intimate, and for me, extremely powerful. Having your face buried, or strategically placed, depending on facial stubble, is about as close as I can be sexually with missy. I feel connected physically doing that more than any other. I can get lost down there, mentally of course, and close my eyes and feel her sexuality; it’s just amazing to be honest.  In my fifty odd years of life I can only recall giving oral sex to a very small percentage of women. I can’t explain why, it’s just a fact that makes the ones I have are more memorable, or not wanting to be memorable!

Sitting here, I have just tried to recall the actual times I have done that to a woman, and by that I mean an actual vivid memory, and I can’t.  All I can sum up in pictures is missy, which to be honest is fantastic as she had the tidiest vagina I know. It’s just the right size and shape for me, and whilst we are down there, her bum is pretty good too!

I have learnt a lot about clitorises from missy.  I know where it is, which is a good start; i know it moves during sex, that it can be over stimulated to produce amazing results and the opposite of numbing it can happen too.  It’s a tricky area that requires discussion and feedback with a partner.  You don’t want to be down there thinking all is well only to find later the recipient was noticing patterns in the painted ceiling! But of course it’s not all about the clitoris is it?  There’s a whole area to be played with carefully down there, and certainly a wide range of combinations to bring the lady to heightened state of enjoyment.

Then there’s your blowjob. An inappropriately mislabelled act for sure, unless of course it’s being blown on, which can be a nice alternative sensation.  Missy is good at sucking cock if I’m being honest, and whilst I am not going to describe in detail her trade secrets, it’s worth presenting for a moment the dual usage for cock sucking in our relationship.  Primarily oral penis sex is pleasurable to me, and also to missy as it allows her to get lost in an act that can move her from one head space to another. It also gives way to other elements of comfort and reassurance.  There have been times when missy has had a really bad day and needs her head space transported in another direction, submission being that path and oral sex the vehicle.

I would say my last thoughts on having my cock in anyone’s mouth is that it is a very dominant position. You have the ability to reduce the other person in to a complete mess, facially, and that is before you even come. Face fucking can be so powerful for both participants, and although missy might feel slightly humiliated admitting that, she can be easily caught up in it, and if I’m being honest, she can be a very greedy girl, even when unable to breathe properly.  Oral sex is a fall back act for us, a go to in the storm of general life if you will, and if you are going to have a fall back, it’s not a bad one, is it?


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  1. Okay so that paper towel image… yes, I am still trying to get it out of my mind…
    Oral sex is something that happens a lot over here, and I always find it an incredibly enjoyable act 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Oral sex is my favorite kind of sex. I love being dominant and even if it sounds silly, when I blow a guy, I can feel how he’s at my mercy. He practically begs me to continue. I hold total control over him in that moment. It’s one amazing feeling.

  3. Lol, so this blog post made me laugh at your use of imagery and TBH a little bile came up as I got to the mouthful of toilet paper.

    Then I started laughing again…..

    Great Post HL.

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