Nudity, nudity, nudity.  Oh boy. I just love it and despite not having the physique of a 20 year old in my prime, I like being nude. I like other people being nude too, but more than any other, I love missy being nude.

From last thing at night to first thing in the morning I have her nude and next to me. But that’s not the best, oh no. It’s that walk around the bed before she gets in all pink from a hot bath, and as if things couldn’t get better, the walk back around the bed in the morning as she heads off for a shower. The grey light of morning reflecting off her skin and she turns around each corner of the bed before I watch her bum cheeks disappear into the darkness of the hallway.  I doubt very much missy will ever comprehend the pleasure I have get each night and day for the years we have been together.

I also like nude photography, again I have my favourite model, however, I recently had the pleasure of taking pictures of missy, and another lovely naked lady. Double the contours, reflections and of course the vulnerability that goes with being striped bare.  An experience that will not be forgotten and certainly repeated.

Generally that feeling of being bare is quite wonderful. Standing naked at night outdoors, swimming naked and feeling the water around your bits and being naked rolling around a bed are by far my go to experiences for sampling nudity.  Without clothes you are exposed in so many ways, so much so that it can free you of the burdens of the day. A cleansing if you like.

Naturist parks don’t really interest me as it makes nudity too normal for me. I like the loss of clothes to be an experience, something to enjoy, to be swept up in.  Playing badminton and sitting on a towel at lunch naked doesn’t do it for me, I need an edge and excitement, which is why missy walking around the bed naked does it for me. I’m quite confident you would feel the same in my shoes!

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  1. Nice post HL. “Naturist parks don’t really interest me as it makes nudity too normal for me. I like the loss of clothes to be an experience, something to enjoy, to be swept up in.” I related to this.

  2. Being naked is my guilty pleasure. Whenever possible, I slip out of my clothes and perform my mundane house chores in the nude. With children currently at home, family living next door, and friends that pop in and out of my home without even knocking, there is always the thrill of being caught without my I nickers on. 😊

  3. I love being naked. As much as possible. This recent spell of hot weather has had me working naked at my desk for days and days. I’m pretty sure my neighbours are fed up with it as I’m well overlooked. Fuck ‘em I say.

  4. There’s something about “being naked rolling around a bed” that feels so good. Without the clothes, it’s as if every inch of my skin is all the more sensitive to each touch of the silky sheets. That’s about the only place I can be fully naked outside of the shower, but when I’m at lover’s place…we’re pretty much naked the whole time. I don’t exactly feel the sexiest being naked, but I know lover is watching my every move and knowing that it arouses him makes it worthwhile.

  5. Aww, I love the appreciation of Missy in this post. I think being naked means vulnerability so there is always this extra spice of knowing that you are viewing another person at their most vulnerable.

  6. Oh to be naked and have the one I love naked alongside. Makes my heart race every time. Just being nude in her flat and doing everyday things… seeing her smile as she catches sight of me out the corner of her eye brings joy to my heart.

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