Photography and Our D/s

I do like a really sexy picture.  From my younger days of soft porn in magazines to my own creations with various cameras, they are just little works of art.

I can’t actually remember the conversation regarding the taking of pictures, and if I’m honest I don’t think there was one.  I have photos that we took really early on in our relationship in various stages of us having sex. They are mostly blurred through movement, and as I wasn’t really looking for a high end portrait so there isn’t any finesse about them. However, they are hot and a clear reminder of what the day was about.

Initially missy wasn’t too keen on having pictures take of her, mainly due to body image issues. Over time I used positive feedback to encourage her to let me take more staged shots and ensured that the most flattering were seen.  Missy isn’t stupid and soon took an interest in the composition of pictures I had taken, which meant she saw all the terrible ones and not so flattering.  You would have thought this would have put her off, but the good pictures balanced with the not-so and my desire to take more risky pictures meant that she supported it for me. D/s at work folks!

I have, more by accident, taken some really good pictures which at one point were easily available on both our sites. It wasn’t until a we had some feedback from one of our daughters, who had seen Missy’s blog, did we realise that we had started to push the envelope a little.  We decided some time ago that all content had to be either deniable, justified and acceptable.  It was sad day for me when they were taken down.

With our sites being cleansed I realised how much I liked other people looking at missy’s naked body and therefore an alternative needed to be found. The only option was to carry on taking hundreds more for our own pleasure and with some careful editing a few do make it for all to enjoy.

If I could I would hire a gallery for a day and hang all the best pictures of missy and see how many would be bought. The thought of her hanging in someones else’s house is rather appealing!

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  1. HL please send me an invite when you book that gallery. I’ve always thought that a great idea to peruse around a space looking at pictures of people I know.

  2. Ha – the thought of me hanging in someone else’s house. I am not sure I can quite see that. Currently I am not even hanging in our own house, which is probably for the best. I would like to make a proper one day album though 🙂

  3. It appears to me that most women have body image issues. I experimented with selfies for my own purposes for that reason. I figured, if I don’t like myself, how can I expect someone else to like me? Perhaps this is a strange way for a mostly vanilla person to approach body positivity, but the idea of a sexy selfie to lift one’s own spirits is kind of intriguing to me.

  4. I think yours and missy story is similar to ours, trying to convince our partner how beautiful they are despite a need for better photography skills. But agreed there are some cracking pictures of missy, sign me up for the day trip to the gallery.

  5. Ah I can’t believe your daughter saw Missy’s blog. The thought of anyone related to me finding my blog is mortifying haha. It’s one of the reasons why from early on, Sir would tell me to make sure no identifiable markings and room decor were shown. Before I posted on my blog, he told me to make sure I removed metadata.

    But I’m glad that erotic photography has become enjoyable for both of you. And I’m glad that little incident hasn’t completely stopped you from enjoying it.

  6. Oh my, I love that idea that you’d like to showcase her like that. It is a little sad that you had to start censoring yourself a little but completely understandable at the same time. Perhaps you could start a fetlife account? Though it’s not the same because your community is here.

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