Rope Gag Exercise

I like rope.  Sounds a bit stupid when I say it like that, but it’s true.  From Soap-on-a-Rope at Christmas in the 1970s, to tug-of-war in the 1980s, climbing and rappelling in the 1990s and tying up and securing my wife in the 2000s, rope just has a feel about it.

We have previously.   done a little rope work, however, when ML’s  rope meme came out, I thought it a good opportunity to have a go. Unfortunately, only at this point did I jump on board.  I guess there is a back catalogue to work, so maybe a montage of pictures when we have caught up!

This particular tie is an easy one as it’s so similar to making a hang mans noose which was always popular in my school as a kid; it was tough school I admit, although hanging was punished by detention if I remember.

The bar I used for this tie was too heavy really and the hemp rope a bit hairy.  Missy was spiting fibres for a while after I took it out of her mouth.  I think I’ll use the softer cotton rope in purple next time and secure her arms also.  It felt nice doing this together and certainly needs following up with a knot or two more!

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  1. Try, there is a tie of the week we section with with explanations. Also check the safety section.

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