Let The Wind Blow

It was upon us before we had time evacuate. The call had gone out on local radio that it was heading across our part of the country. I now felt I had wasted time fitting the storm shutters as I could see only a mile away the tight knit black clouds linked to the earth in a column of raging wind.  From this distance it looked like a nuclear bomb had been detonated. The clouds sitting atop like a mushroom made my hand shake as the enormity of the situation hit me.  This was going to carve a trench of destruction through our town and it would be just bare faced luck who didn’t get hit.

The temperature was dropping.

“We need to go into the basement, now!”  I said with urgency as I entered the kitchen.

She didn’t question my instruction, just grabbed the bag on the table and turned to descend the stairs.  Giving one last look around the downstairs rooms I knew it would all be gone if it landed on us. I had isolated the gas and water outside and let the two horses free.  The barn would be smashed under such pressure and splinters of wood would tear the animals apart. At least this way they might run away from it.

The doors started to rattle.

By the time I got down the stairs she was inside the metal frame I had bolted to the concrete floor last year. The walls were old mattresses secured by bailing wire and the cage roof, again with a mattress secured by wire, had bars welded across it.

The wind blew and whistled through the cracks.

I crawled into the padded cave and found her naked.

“If I’m gonna’ go, I’m want to be screaming for the right reason.” She said with grin.

The house rattled.

In the confines of the small space I wriggled out of my clothes and eventually fell between her legs almost short of breath.  I was scared but my cock strained within its own skin when her hand grasped it. I kissed her deeply as she guided me into her.  There was an almighty bang as something hit the house and I froze.

“Ignore it, I need you more than the storm.”

Taking long strokes I slid into her and out again. The wind howled about the house and as it did my rhythm became more steady.  The sensation was consuming, but orgasm felt out of grasp as the twisting wind tore roof tiles off one by one giving more and more access to our home. I looked down at her and saw a need of urgency about her expression.

What came next resembled a billion bees hitting the window, followed by birds and then four legged beasts. Louder and louder the concussion echoed about us just driving us forward and closer.  Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me closer, her tears and sobs finally breaking through just as the house exploded spewing our life upwards into the deadly vortex.  As the rain hit my back I was shocked into orgasm and buried my face into her neck.  The testosterone crashed from my body and my ears popped from the change in air pressure as the milling machine of weather moved on to its next victim.

We lay there, soaked but unhurt. I dare not roll to my left or right as broken glass lay about us mixing in with the pools of water.  Pressing myself up on my hands I felt drained.  She looked exhausted, her face flushed and her eyes wide. She smiled,

“Are you trying to impress me?”

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  1. That last line is brilliant. I really enjoyed how you mixed the storm in with this, how the urgency of the storm matched the urgency of the sex, and made it even more intense. Great writing!

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh my god, how scary would that be if this happened in real life. I love how they just kinda ‘solved’ it with sex, or distracted themselves, or prepared for the end with some final moments of pleasure!
    God seriously that would be the most experience?!
    You wrote this so well, it was completely believable. I really enjoyed reading this.

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