7 Days In April ~ Day 4

I was recently asked by May Moore to take part in a project to support her upcoming online publication based on the diaries of 7 people in 7 days during the COVID-19 lock down. Never being one to keep a diary, I thought the exercise would be something new to try, and of course be involved in a time limited project that captures people’s thoughts in unprecedented times.

I once read a series of books entitled ‘Forgotten Voices’ based during WWII and captures thoughts and feelings of those trying to live under occupation. The one thing that struck me was the normality of their language and how very small things made such a huge impact to see them through  many dark days.  I would like to think that the personal diaries of everyday folk may one day revel the thoughts, feelings and experiences to young people who may have to face far worse in a decaying world than us today or those who came before us.

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April 4th 2020

A very slow start to the day, although we had to be out by 10.00 to fulfil our volunteering duties to deliver groceries! How community spirited are we?  Anyway, the Tesco delivery arrived at 10.00 with champagne, truffles and caviar so we got delayed for a few minutes. The dog got to say hello to her favourite delivery driver so that made them both feel better.

When we arrived at the grocery pick up point there were only two boxes left and both were for retired teachers that missy knew.  That took all of 30 minutes, so we refilled the car with fuel and picked up a few items not in the delivery from Tesco, venison, quail’s eggs and breast of black swan.  It was salad actually and a bottle of gin.

The rest of the day was made up of half house cleaning and not much else. Manged to transfer most of my sexy pictures of missy (in the hundreds) on to a 3TB external hard drive so that I can have my home server fixed, without fear of losing everything.

I reconnected with Face Book for the first time in over a year, and nothing has changed. People from my past still posting pointless dirge that provides no real meaning in their life, or mine. I only joined again to get the local volunteering news!  I did hook up on a Whatsapp group from some old military mates of mine, however, they are still living in a circular misogynistic lifestyle making cracks about their wives having more time to clean the house.  Same shit, different day, although having said that, I feel I quite like this new pace of life. Everything has become a little slower. People, whilst avoiding each other, seem to be more sociable, community spirited and generally better to be around. It could be because there are less of them to have to tolerate!

I read in bed until 01.30 and called it a night.

Although this is just one entry, it is part of a bigger diary project, ‘Seven Days in April,‘ which will be revealed shortly, so keep your eyes open around the blogging community and I am sure that you will see more.


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  1. Interesting to read HL…. it’s so lovely that you are volunteering in the community like that.

    I will be suggesting that Forgotten Voices to Mr H he sometimes likes things like that.

    Take care

    Sweetgirl x

  2. “I would like to think that the personal diaries of everyday folk may one day revel the thoughts, feelings and experiences to young people who may have to face far worse in a decaying world than us today or those who came before us.”

    That is so well put HL – I could not have put it any better myself – that is what I hoped when the idea for the online book came to me in the middle of let another night filled with insomnia. A simple idea, to fill our time and perhaps leave a small mark for the future about what is going on today.

  3. Interesting that you reconnected on FB. The things we do to keep ourselves busy, right?! Funny you mention the misogynistic behavior of your old army buddies. It instantly made me think of my colleagues always complaining about their husbands in the same manner as many women seemed to have done for far too long.

    I liked reading about your day 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. The lock down has certainly made us think about the simpler things in life hasn’t it? This is a very interesting project, I’m enjoying the contrasts between the diarist’s lifestyles, thoughts and experiences – thanks for sharing.

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