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For those of you not familiar with the 1970’s UK TV show, ‘The Good Life‘ I will give you a very quick summary. Tom and Barbara Good live in the suburbs of London in a large detached house next door to Gerry and Margot Leadbetter. The Goods decide to become self sufficient and turn their house and gardens into a small farm. The Leadbetters, are very middle class, Margot being a snob, and Gerry a little under the thumb. The episodes are based around their intertwining lives. It was incredibly funny at the time with some outstanding actors. That’s you all caught up and maybe you might need to check out YouTube for a glimpse of your own?

With the imposed lock down, need to work from home, and a complete sales run on everything I seem to want, life has changed in many ways. Aside from the tragedy of thousands of people losing their lives daily, and I don’t say that glibly, for I do mean that it is tragic what this virus is doing families, life seems to have the clock turned back.

I would not say we are back in the 1930’s, more like an alternative view of the 1950’s. Less cars, less people on the streets, small shops suddenly being as popular as supermarkets and in a lot of areas, lovely examples of public spirit and common courtesy. I have noticed a slower pace of life, people making do, using skills not put to practice for a while. Cooking, baking, sewing, painting, writing and of course for those lucky enough, gardening; this being my link to the Goods and the Leadbetters and the lives they lead.

Over this Bank Holiday weekend missy and I have been reviewing our garden. It’s not big, but big enough for the dog the ruin the grass and shit in places secretly you wish she wouldn’t. The additional thing we have built is a vegatable patch. It started with my father-in-law offering us some bean plants.

“You won’t need much space at all.” He said.

Based on that we dug up ten times more ground, some bushes and launched into hours of digging through layers so of roots, cutting back trees for additional light and generally tidying up. It’s hard work but we have done a good job so far, and it’s not all over. We have ordered external hanging lights, I’m building an outdoor BBQ/oven, low lights for the deck and planting boxes for flowers. I have to admit that typing this just now my back hurts, shoulder and arm joints are screaming and my hands feel like they made of concrete blocks. It’s worth it I’m sure.

So that is us being the Goods during the day, less the goats, chickens and manure fed generator. Once all has been put away for the evening, we become the Leadbetters. No 70% proof parsnip wine for us, it’s gin and tonic round once, twice and maybe three times before dinner.

We are drinking too much.

There has been an increase in general alcohol consumption with people we know. I admit to having a G&T on my desk before 4pm on a work day once or twice. It feels nice to relax and not get stressed about the day, after all, I am not working from home, I’m at home trying to work! There is too much alcohol though, and crisps, and peanuts, and cake and Easter eggs, and whooooo, this all needs to stop. Four paragraphs in and not a single blowjob or spank mentioned. Why you may wonder? I’m totally frazzled and full of gin and peanuts that’s why.

Being the Goods for the last few days has been great. Missy and I working on a common goal, and having some treats at night. Tomorrow will be different though. I am back to work and she still on holiday for a week. Seems like a great opportunity for D/s and time for sex, but that hasn’t been the case. I am working more hours than I should and available to the world 24/7. There are no demarcation lines, no drive to work and drive home. No change of clothes when I get home; it’s all one big blur of never being in one particular mindset.

Have I ever mentioned before I have a wife who is smart and sexy? Well she is by the bag full, and also someone who does not fear poking the elephant in the room. Today’s elephant was everything I have said before this sentence and a good poke it got when walking the dog away from younger ears!

The upshot is that our garden isn’t the only thing that requires having a few weeds pulled and borders put back in place. We have allowed our life to become overgrown with this new way of temporary living. Whilst the relaxed way of the Goods is a nice feeling, the structure and formality of the Leadbetters is needed. So for us, yes Good by day and Leadbetter by evening is the way forward. The G&T can stay in moderation although blow jobs and spanking, well they can have free pass!

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  1. We have been quite good about the drinking in the evening, still doing it only on the nights we have done it before. Also on the eating side I have been quite good. One thing I have not been good at, is doing my work and then stopping when I should. No, I find myself thinking of something and then logging in again to ‘quickly do that thing’. I am working far too much, actually. I like your comparisons with the Goods and the Leadbetters.

    Rebel xox

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