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The day had been pretty busy, what with the travelling the night before and then the full-on day listening to speaker’s presentations and then delivering one of their own.  Having managed to book somewhere in advance for food with an early table, it was back to the hotel for a quick fuck, shower and change before then heading out to the social event.

I had not been idle during the day, far from it.  My selection had been made well in advance of the trip and having designed the invitations himself, they had been emailed the week before requesting an RSVP.

You are accordingly invited to drinks post-social-gathering where missy will be on display for your enjoyment.  Consent has been given in advance for you to interact with her, however, that is always subject to change.  Approval of your intentions must be sought through me, although again subject to consent at the time.  Be polite and caring.  This is a closed event.

The responses were to be expected, although one or two surprises were found when people sought clarification on what they were allowed to do.

“Can I back out of this?” She asked before stepping out of the hotel door.

“You can, but I would very much prefer you didn’t.  Do you want to please me?”  I responded.

“Yes, but…”

“You can, but I would very much prefer you, didn’t.  Do you want to please me?”  I repeated.

“Yes,” she said looking at the ground. “It’s so bloody embarrassing!”

“Not for me.” I laughed closing the door behind me and giving her a playful slap on the arse.

The social event was excellent, and catching up with people who we had only been able to grab a quick, ‘hello’ in the hallway during the day was really good.  Small groups formed and occasionally, like bees, one would fly off to another group and another would land somewhere else to collect information like pollen.

“Can I ask who you invited?”


Pleeeeese? How do I know if people I am talking to will see me later? She whispered in my ear.

“You don’t.”

“I want to back out.  I’ve changed my mind.”

“If you back out, which you can of course, I will be disappointed.  I will have to tell everyone not to come to our room later. The drink and ice I bought will have to go to waste as we cant take it home.” I said.

She looked grumpy.

“I’m nervous.”

“Of course you are.”

It was approaching 11pm by the time we walked back to the hotel. We had drunk a couple of glasses of wine throughout the evening. I could tell, despite the mental lubrication, that she was over thinking the forthcoming situation.

“What if people think I look ugly?”

They won’t. I’ve only invited nice people.”

On entering the hotel she took off all of her clothes as instructed and ran a bath. It would warm her and remove the creases in her skin left by tight clothing. The room temperature was turned up to combat any chill in the air. When she emerged from the bathroom she put on a robe as instructed and took charge of a glass of wine I had poured.

“They will be here in 5 minutes, lie on the bed, eyes closed.”

I applied cuffs to her wrists and ankles, and using the rope especially cut for that particular hotel’s bed width (I had measured on a visit years ago which had proved helpful on subsequent visits) I secured her spread eagle on the bed. Finally I placed headphones over her ears.

“Are you okay?”

“Not sure.” She replied

Now she would wondering, what was to happen next? Would people arrive for a drink, have a discussion, look at her on the bed? Would they touch her, use a toy on her, or was this just one large mind-fuck? Would only one person show up as an alternative plan and help give the appearance of her being touched by many different people? Would they leave when he finally untied her, changed her position and with arse in air, fuck her her from behind; or would there be a room full of people whilst he did this? Hard to tell when your ability to see or hear your surroundings!!

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  1. Wow! I’ve new and just stumbled on your blog as I have many others today. I want to know more! What happened? I’m new to all of this but curious. Did missy enjoy herself? Was she ok? What took place when the people arrived? I’ll send myself to your follow button!

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