Ringing the Changes

If you subscribe to my blog you know that I don’t produce masses of work.  I write when I feel like writing, sometimes weeks pass until I get that worm in my head.  The other issue is that I also have The SafeworD/s Club site that needs material and attention.  I haven’t been able to write new content for both, and if I’m honest it feels like I would be writing for the sake of it, which is no fun.  One thing has changed though, and that is my choice of content; I write more fiction now, and I enjoy it.

So, my new change for 2020 is to write D/s real life material for the SWC and mostly fiction for this blog.  The SWC was always designed as a landing site for new people getting into D/s and that type of writing can come over as teaching granny to suck eggs here, however, the SWC has new members everyday looking for direction.  Therefore, the dice are thrown and we will see what comes of it

I am look forward to the Smut Marathon starting this January, Eroticon in March and any other nice experiences that may come my way.  A prosperous 2020 folks, and I hope it will be a year to look back on that makes you feel very happy!



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