50 Things You Didn’t Know About me – inspired by ‘Tall, Dark & Dominant’

I read with interest, being naturally nosey, a further account of 50 things you (probably) didn’t know about ‘Tall, Dark & Dominant’ in his latest post of the same name.  What struck me was the similarities between us, which I admit is just down to basic probability. However, TD&D  is from America and I, the UK, so there is the that alleged saying by George Bernard Shaw that we are ‘two countries separated by a common language.’  I would argue it’s more culture than language, but who am I to argue.

With that said, I thought I would do my own 50 things, however, I did mention to TD&D that I thought we had similar stuff going on, so he suggested it would be interesting to compare. With that idea still ringing in my head on a Sunday morning, here goes.  Italic items are close matches to TD&D for reference.

1. I’m currently enjoying the extra hour the clocks going back has given me, and watching missy make a cake.

2. The name ‘Hislordship’ was just a joke, and to be honest still is. Blue blood does NOT run in my veins.

3. I do not have a gall bladder; I once broke my back and I can’t feel my right big toe.

4. I love films, most films in fact.  Old black and white movies fascinate me as everyone in them is now dead, which is a great shame that so much talent is gone. 

5.  I only have one very long standimng close friend who I speak with regularly and is not interested in my D/s life. They live 600 miles away and we meet once a year. I have no neighbourly male friends to meet up with in Scotland as I do not seek that connection. I am mostly private and very happy with whom I currently invest my emotions. I do have on-line friends with whom I speak regulary and I am very grateful for having them.

6. I am impulsive, although I have been known to fill a virtual basket of goods on line with every intension of buying, and then delete the whole thing.  I have done the same in real shops too.

7. I have experience of mental health issues, and I’m aware that they never leave your door. I do feel loneliness amongst crowds and fulfilled with very few.

8. I have mentored people professionally and in D/s. I enjoy the interaction and the joy of other’s successes.

9. I am a people pleaser. I will drop everything to help someone, in the street, part of the family or someone online.  I enjoy human interaction.

10. Imposter syndrome is a very real thing for me. I overcome that by ensuring I have plenty of evidence to back up any direction I provide to people.

11. I like the colour green and blue, although red can be a button pusher! Black also is very good..

12. I could swim at the age of 2 and went on to compete regionally as a teenager. I even have a few medals!

13. I played rugby at school and loved the physical contact, which is how my back was damaged. I later studied martial arts on and off for most of my adult life. Then I broke my back (point 3)

14. I love nudity, even my own, despite not having the body of a 21-year-old anymore.

15. I class myself as an effective complainer. Missy suggested I start a business returning unwanted and faulty goods for people. I love the research, the challenge, sometimes the verbal fight, but always the wins!

16. My music collection is a varied as my sock draw. It is all about mood.  I cannot listen to modern singers who ‘warble’ or reverb words. It burns my ears and must be turned off.

17. Inspiration strikes me in the strangest moments – I write on the spur of the moment and write anything that comes to mind.

18. I love the concept of mass group sex. It’s that snake thing where no one knows where one person starts and another ends.

19. I was once punched by Mohammed Ali. (Long story, but true)

20. My facial expressions have become more visible as I have got older. I have to be very careful when managing a team who piss me off. (thinks; plain face, plain face, plain face)

21. I have no natural musical ability whatsoever. No rhythm, tone, pitch or understanding. My children just smile with a look of pity when I try.

22. I do listen to classical music. I love the expression of mood and how grandiose they made music feel. I get a flying feeling when listening, and I have used them in sexual scenes.

23.  I like the sound of the clarinet.

24. I have no interest in football (soccer) which precludes me from most group male conversations in the UK workplace.

25. If I could have any superpower, it’d be really hard to resist the idea of flying but I think I’d go invisible. And be a terrible voyeur.

26. I love liquorice, including the tea variety.

27. I really love helping people. 

28. I have never been to university and left school with 3 minor qualifications. I became a Commissioned Officer in the UK military. Who needs school…..

29. Missy is a teacher, so ignore most last comment on 28

30. I always enjoy meeting new people who I come across through my blog.

31. I do talk a lot and have been accused of needing to fill a space

32. I once purchased a pair of mesh underpants from china on-line and regretted the small size half way through the day.

33. BDSM can calm my soul at times.

34. I am not 100% confident Dominant.  I do not mind because without that space that I would become a total dick.

35.One of my favourite animals is an anteater. So cool!

36. A lot of my dreams contain my ex-wife.  She usually interrupts great sexual experiences or is a general pain in the arse. Sometimes dreams are so very close to reality…

37. I’ve been wanting the learn Italian for years and can only manage real basics.

38. I love Italy in so many ways. It is our place for good things and brought missy and I together in someway.

39. I go through different phases where I really want to learn about something – but do not have the mental capacity or the time to invest.

40. I still haven’t gone to any munch or kink function where I live due to being in a small community and being told it’s dominated by students on a kink trip!

41. I live in the hills, which sometimes makes me want to strip down naked and go for heart-pounding run.  But it’s a small community!

42. I love animals, especially our dog.

43. I really need to get better at exercising.

44. You’ll never bother me if you ever want to write into me.

45. The show I’m currently watching on TV is Lucifer (i know it’s shit) and Grimm (yes that is too)

46. I too would like to bite certain people.

47. When I was 13, my teacher complained that I wasn’t paying attention in class because I was too busy writing cowboy stories. 

48. (A complete copy) To this day, I am in complete shock at my life. I don’t understand how I won over a beautiful lady, let alone a submissive lady in sync with my mind, I don’t understand how you readers really enjoy my work, I’m still in shock people write in from time to time for whatever reason. I feel like my life has been the biggest fluke – but…I’ll never stop giving my thanks and doing my part back to the universe.

49. I used to get up at the crack of dawn as a small kid to watch my favourite animated movies. (oh yes!)

50. I very much wish I was more talented with a camera so I could understand it and then work on my eye. I love taking pictures, especially of missy.

So my 50 things were similar in some ways and a contradiction in others. Thanks TD&D for the fun Sunday project.


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  1. I am ALL the no. 15. There are some others that I idenityf with but that one is SO me.

    I might steal this idea at some point and write my own version. I have written similar things in the past but with life changing it would be fun to write an updated version


  2. Had an enjoyable read of TD&D’s list yesterday and very much enjoyed your addition here, HL … given the little I know of you, I think you missed one talent … you have an artistic bent … it shows in your photography of Missy and the few drawings you’ve shared :>) … I told F I should do a list for him – I didn’t get an enthusiastic response … lol! … However, I do think it’s great to give the Doms a little bit more of the floor here in sex blogger land :>) … nj … xx

  3. Hi HL … this is a little test … this is the second post of yours I’ve tried commenting on this month (and the second time for this post) and when I do, I get a message it’s a duplicate comment … and then ‘poof!’ it disappears … loved your list (read TD&D’s yesterday) … Dom commonalities ;>) … you did forget one item, IMO … your artistic talents … which shows not only in your photos of Missy but with the occasional drawing you’ve shared :>) … nj … xx

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