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I have to admit that I am partial to a bit of DIY despite not being classed as skilled labour. It all stems from my Dad who would say, “You need to watch me fixing this son, it will save you a fortune when you’re older.”

He was was right. I have engaged in many DIY activities at home and have even earned additional cash when times were hard. I’m not a skilled tradesman, and have only cut the end off one finger, so I’m an amateur in some eyes! Being able to use tools and see the possibilities in every day items soon steered my thinking towards all things Kink. Now we all know that quality toys are expensive, and generally you get what you pay for in terms of safe materials and longevity. A quick visit to a kink fair or scanning Pinterest soon uncovered a hidden possibility or two in my cache of  ‘It will come in handy for something one day’ piles of wood, old chair legs, steel tubes, nut, bolts and all manner of things that would, to the untrained eye, be rubbish! My first experiment was fixing a children’s Bicycle handlebar grip to a dildo. I found the lube made the dildo unwieldy when trying for a good grip. The non slip handle worked well when getting up some speed!

Then I found the book Build Better Bondage. Real ideas, real plans and simple instructions. That produced our first play bench, which having never followed construction plans beyond an Ikea Billy Bookcase, worked out really well.

I made some modifications at the time, and after using it a few occasions, made some more. I even added an extension for a fucking matching mount! It could do with a complete design overhaul and even a new build; maybe one day I’ll scope that out. I like using something that is handmade, it adds something special to the event. We have flogger made by Daisy and it’s lovely; it looks great and feels better when using it. It gives it a third dimension in knowing someone worked hard to produce something so fine. I know many of  you walk through your local DIY store and let your imaginations run wild and think of it as an undercover sex shop!  It’s amazing what’s hidden between flanges and O-Rings..

I’ve recently installed a ceiling mount and did a small video on how I did it.  We purchased a sex-swing to go with it but found very uncomfortable, so I made a steel cross bar to spread the straps; it was still uncomfortable!  But not all is lost you’ll be pleased to know.  I now have a strong high bar to attached Missy’s ankles to keep her legs apart on the aforementioned bench.  There always more than one way to skin a cat, or shave a pussy as some might say!

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  1. I live with someone who only needs to watch a YouTube video once and they can recreate what they’ve seen. I’m not saying he hasn’t had the odd mishap, it’s ok, all his fingers remain intact! It does mean we don’t buy beds or cupboards, he makes them! Same goes for toys and implements, although not as often as I’d like.

  2. F has an entire garage full of ‘it might be useful one day’ … and getting creative with kink gear is a lot of fun. I’ve done some of my own DIY … it’s amazing what one can do with a second hand high quality leather coat or skirt :>) … nj

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