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I would imagine that a lot of posts on this subject reflect on female subs receiving anal sex.  There may be one or two that don’t, so for balance, this one won’t; or at least it won’t be dominated by the interactions of missy’s love of having her arse played with, although I may steer myself back to it!

Let us focus for a minute on my anus. Not a pretty thought I grant you as most iconic thoughts of a sexy anus is a shaved, tightly puckered and bleached hole. You could put a nun’s finger in there and it would come out cleaner than it went in.  Obviously I am not a 21 yer old porn star, and my focus is not on what my arse looks like on camera, however, I do fully appreciate the love, and contradictions, of having my arse played with.

It is that old taboo thing, and my experiences of putting things in my arse tend to have an adverse effect, although I guess you have to expect that to some degree.  My first real experience was with a large Jamaican  guy call Henry, he was…..woh! woh! woh!; that isn’t true.  I just wanted people I know to suddenly say, ‘WTF!’  For the record I have not engaged in anal sex with another man, however, I admit it must be a very intense experience. I have no desire whatsoever to engage in passionate kissing with another man, in fact the thought makes me feel quite uncomfortable.  Having a cock in the arse is a different matter, in theory, and quite a scary thought! I think it’s important to have thoughts that scare you, they sort of keep you on your toes, don’t you think?

Anal play is somewhat the final frontier in some ways. Sexual exploration to boldly go where.. well you get the ‘analogy’ I’m sure. Of course, a bit of derriere play is not for everyone, and that’s how it should be.  For us though, anal was not just about lots of lube and struggling to get the end of my cock into the right position.  Anal opened up a world latex gloved fingers, toys, enemas, stretching implements and a host of other deviant ideas.  ‘You’re only limited by your imagination,’ I once read; well that’s not entirely true as I have discovered an anus does have its limits also!

I like anal because I know that missy gets off on having that area touched and manipulated. She would love to deny that fact, but truth be told, she loves my fingers pressing that little muscle as I play with the rest of her. It is very common to have missy on the brink of orgasm, and only a little touch to her anus will tip her over.  And why not?  She is beautiful and that means everything about her!

If you read about the virtues of anal sex there statements about that particular area has thousands of nerve endings and as such produces really nice sensations, and I totally agree. However, getting anal wrong can be a real pain in the arse, or more specifically, a massive pain.  The wise advice about using lube for anal is when you think you are using enough, use more, is great, but the real muscle to relax is the brain.  The clever ball of grey matter will be voting if your anal sex will end in orgasm or extremely unpleasant pain.  I tend to go down the route of asking if anal is a good idea before I start planning. There are many hidden reasons why anal and brain are not up for it. Communication is key before, during and after for so many reasons. Obviously, any illness will greatly the affect the outcome, especially if the bowels are involved!  Getting covered in projectile waste is generally a cock block, an awkward discussion with hotel house keeping and potentially a confidence killer for the sub. Preparing the brain anal sex is so very important. There is nothing wrong with a early heads-up for what you are about to receive!

So, am I fan?  Oh yes!  I am fortunate to have an arse queen for a wife so that makes life very easy.  To prove that such activities require a lot of trust, missy is the only person in 30 years of sexy gymnastics that I have engaged in anal with. I have had opportunities before, but I’ve never been into someone so much as to WANT to get really down and dirty!  – and down and dirty we have certainly been…









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