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I don’t have any close friends living near me, in fact I don’t have anyone I could call a close friend within 150 miles of my home location.  My closest male friend lives 500 miles away and we speak on the phone every 2 weeks or so.  I don’t associate at all with any other males at all unless it’s a one-off event like a gathering or a weekend away.  That is how I have lived my life for the past 15 years. Before moving to Scotland, I had more social friends that I could manage, now though I don’t have that.  A large part of that is due to every job I have had so far, I’ve been the boss and my peers in which you may think I would socialise with, were wankers.  I do have acquaintances though, quite a few in fact. People I like that I have met along the way that touch base with a text or a coffee; but not close friends, ones that you could share a problem with and I do miss that.  My closest friend for the past 10 years is missy. My wife, my sub, my lover, and above all, my best friend.

Do not despair though!  There is the internet and there is that group of people who hang out there that make my life better. Some I have even met, and some I have even fucked – actually, that’s a lie but I wanted to keep your attention – and from those meetings I have a somewhat virtual bag of friends.  They are unusual though. These are not your ordinary friends, this crowd share secrets, desire, photos, stories and sometimes, video!  I like my friends in the cloud; many are genuine people just trying to get their kink on and want to get to know you. I should mention a friend I spoke to daily on line who was both supportive and imaginative; unfortunately they didn’t exist because he/she was a catfish.  That is a whole different story that can wait for another day!

My on-line (have met face to face but live a long way off) Dom friends have been great.  Quiplash, MrHam, MrH, PurpleSoul, Tex, MrMan and GoodSir have all made my life better in some way either through challenging my behaviours or entertaining me with good company.  I am also gifted with having a close relationship with subs which is great because I love women more than men. Call me an old flirt if you will but women are so much more animated and better looking than a man, in my opinion.  I love my sub friends because of their openness about sex, their intelligence and charm.  There is always so much to learn and my relationship with each of them is so different layers that I could not apply to men.  Occasionally I will connect with a Dom or Sub that goes beyond pleasantries and occasional meets. There is a connection that feels comfortable and sometimes sexy.  That’s my kind of friendship, one that allows you to be emotionally naked to the point where physical nakedness would not be an issue. It reaches above and beyond casual acquaintance.

Despite being a bit of a loner, friendships are important to me and I wish I had more of them locally. The problem is finding someone who isn’t going to run screaming to the hills when I show them my toy collection!!


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  1. We didn’t run ? we showed you ours! We really did enjoy visiting you, and if we had a bed large enough to accommodate you and Missy as guests we would absolutely reciprocate! Unfortunately our second medication is a small double and you would be very cramped! On the other hand when we finish revamping the house after S2 heads off we may invest in a double!

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