The Hot Octopuss JETT

I am no stranger when it comes to using, and reviewing Hot Octopuss products.  I like their people and I like their kit.  They produce well thought out, well designed and well manufactured sex toys.  If that isn’t reason enough to buy from them, I don’t know what is.  My last review was for the Pulse III Duo, and whilst I had a love/hate relationship with it I cannot deny it did the job, so being asked to review the JETT was quite exciting!

Now this is an unusual design for sure, and like most brilliant things in life, the concept is quite simple. The JETT resembles a black cock ring with two soda syphon cartridges strapped underneath and linked by wire to a TV remote; but don’t let first impression deceive you!  What you have is a compact dual motored penis head harness made of soft rubber with three holes careful situated.  In the two holes underneath where your penis sits are individual motors that give off independent vibrations. One is bass in feel, deep and thuddy, whilst the other is more lead guitar and high notes.  Both are controlled from a remote handset that allows you to set the two motors to the desired tempo.

Now, for the purposes of the review I offer full discloser; I have an average sized penis in both length and girth. I share this information to describe the method of getting your cock through the hole/loop.  Firstly, use lube.  The rubber is soft, but assistance is required. With a soft penis there was an element of pushing the head of my cock into position like stuffing a stress ball into an egg cup! With a hard penis, and lube, it goes into place with less of a fight, although the loop is tight.  The idea is that the loop sits behind rim of the penis head with the motors beneath. Having a tight loop around your cock is key to it when you get going.

Turning the device on is simple. One long press on either plus control buttons sets things in motions. One short press takes you up a notch. The whole idea is to get the motors at different vibrations and not turn them both up full. It’s the contrasting sensations that give this device something unique.  It is both powerful as it is quiet, which makes pleasant a change for vibrating toys.

Does it work?  Yes, it does what it is designed for, although for me laying back and thinking of England was not enough stimulation. The vibrations after a while did make things a little numb, however, one press of a little silver button changed the pattern and off we went again! To be fair, you can play around this device for ages and not get bored.  For me it came into its own when playing with someone else who cannot get access to your cock and leaves you hands free!

For the RRP of £49.00 at the time of the review I would say the JETT is worth the money. The design is clever and the manufacture is excellent.  The only thing I would change would be to add a small bag to keep it in. The packaging is stylish as are all HO products, however, storing it in the box isn’t practical as it will soon fall apart, unlike the JETT!


The Jett was supplied to me free of charge for an honest and unbiased review. I do not have affiliate links for Hot Octopuss on this site, however, the review will appear on The Safewords Club site which does carry an affiliate link.



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  1. An interesting product. I don’t think I would be interested in it though. I have tried a few “cock vibrators” and they did nothing for me. One was cool though in that my Queen held the remote so I was surprised a few times with the sudden intimate vibrations.

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