The Food for Thought Friday topic this week is LANDMARKS.
What, if any, have been your particular landmarks, either in relation to your blog or your wider life? Do you have any future goals/landmarks you want to achieve? What are they?
This is the 100th F4TF prompt and I really wanted to take part, firstly because it is a great meme and secondly as a tribute to Kilted Wookie who started and has hosted the meme thus far.  KW is an encouraging and supportive member of the blogging community and I wanted to recognise his contribution. The meme will continue and will be hosted by May More and Floss so I wanted to thank KW and wish all the best to May and Floss.  Here’s to F4TF.

One of the odd things (there are many) I have found about my life, is that landmark events seem to happen on or around my birthday.  I won’t list them, but safe to say, my birthday seems to be a trigger. It’s always a bot of a disappointment when nothing happens! To counter that statement, none of my children were born around my birthday or either of my marriages, however, my ex-wife did issue divorce papers to arrive on the day of my birthday one year! She’s is soooo damn thoughtful to have remembered!

I have spent most of my working life in industries that are driven by goals, be they time slots, revenue or response.  Everything has outcomes, initiators and measurement. You get used to it, that language people use when operating in that environment. In fact, you get so used to that quite often people use it but do not associate any real value to the checks and balances in life; and I think that is where I found myself some time ago too.

In my 20’s I was very driven. Uneducated, streetwise,  and with good manners,  I managed to slowly get myself into a new job every so often  that setting personal goals came naturally. It was organic, no real effort required.  I openly admit that I thought I was bullet proof both emotionally and physically.  On reflection, if I saw those behaviours in my own children, I would call it blind ignorance!  Goals were not a chart on the wall, aside from my Mr.Atlas body building chart, they were just in my head.  Why did they survive so well in my head and flower into tangible results? Probably because my head only had to manage: Money, Food, Alcohol and Sex. Life was simple at 21!

Jumping forward 30 years and I find that goals are more important than ever. I don’t have the luxury of another 30 years to plan a new career. I probably have another 15 years of working life ahead of me, and whereas before it was about slowly aquiring skills and shaping the long term you; now it is about getting the most bang for my bucks!

So, what are my Landmarks/Goals?  In all honesty they are simple things. I would like to have enough disposable income to travel more with missy and enjoy the planet before we fuck it up anymore.  To become highly competent in a skill, almost a ‘go to’ person, an authority so that I can help other people. Like missy, I am a people pleaser. I enjoy working with other likeminded happy people.  From a D/s point of view, I would like to be a more effective Dom. There is always room for improvement, for some more that others!  Sexually, and following on from being more effective, I would like to explore more of the sexual landscape. There is so much one can do, and with missy, that goal is achievable!


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  1. You guys are lucky to have each other – nice to read about your early days 😉 hope you join in when Floss and I are hosting – ideas appreciated too

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