Inspired by my lovely wife’s post on the subject of Sexy Pictures, I knew just leaving a comment was not going to be enough.  Without reading back through things long forgotten on my blog, I had to post something (or repeat) on one of my favourite topics.  The only downside I can see about this post is that there will not any pictures of her in it; so feel free to read something else instead!

Through fear of repeating myself from earlier this morning, sexy photography is way up there because I get to have quality time to look at missy naked, or semi-naked.  Sure, I can look at her anytime I wish, however, through a lens I get to be part of her. If I came up to you and said, “Strip for me,” and then just looked at you it would be a be un-nerving, well, for some maybe.  You get the point I am sure, it’s quality time to observe, comment, enjoy and capture.  Our grandchildren will have far more interesting pictures of their Grandmother than I ever did…

I wanted to be a photographer. I saw a documentary on a freelance guy working for Playboy and Men Only magazines; what a great job I thought!  That was until I met one through a friend and discovered the pay wasn’t great and it was a just a sausage factory; please accept the pun!  Instead I look at other people’s work, both professional and amateur, however, quite often it is hard to tell them apart.  The blogging community as a massive amount of people producing fantastic art; to such an extent that I will not list them here through worry I may leave a favourite out.  Some of the photos challenge the norm whilst other blow you away with the sexiness from a simple shot.  I did find a small collection of pictures taken ‘off set’ at a porn film shoot I liked if you want a peek.

For those who read my blog, they will know I am into a spot of Candualism, and also some personal exhibitionism.  Photography helps me explore that kink with some safety built in. The problem is, our professional lives preclude wide spread voyeurism on your part and therefore a lot is kept under wraps.  I am, however, thinking of having some hard backed books made to create some personal collections of our very best.

In summary, sexy photography is so much fun, and I know I should do much more of it to improve my eye and technical skills. Skill fade seem to come in much faster these days so keeping at it is key.  There are areas I want to pursue that push a few boundaries, and in time with the right amount of confidence, who knows what exceptionally beautiful images I can produce of missy?




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