Well Spank Me Sideways!

I can recal going to the pantomime in London and seeing Puss-In-Boots with Barbara Windsor playing the part of Dick Whittington the boy who unwittingly became the Lord Mayor Of London (allegedly).  Ms. Windsor dressed as a boy wore a suspiciously short Lovet Green short and thigh length boots.  To emphasise certain lines she would spank her upper thigh with a raised leg, and with a loud crack of skin on skin (and possibly sound effects back stage) one could only dream of having a go yourself.  I was in my thirties at the time with my young kids in attendance, and to be honest Barbara was much older than in the featured picture. Still, a spanked thigh is worth sitting through all the corny stage hall chants. (Oh no it isn’t! – Oh yes it is!)

Being presented many years later with a perfect soft bottom to spank gave me an instant hard-on. Laid across my lap naked, and not for the first time, I had chosen music to take spanking to the next level.  I really wanted to build up and spank missy hard.  I wanted us to find her subspace, and for me gain confidence in an activity that still gave me small concerns regarding wife-beating!

Three tracks were chosen for this activity. Two tracks that were of sufficient length to build up to the third.  I had picked The Doors due to Jim Morrison’s hedonist writing and the almost chant like rhythm of the band’s music.  People Are Strange to get going with a nice rhythm, then on to The Crystal Ship with its mesmerizing tones.  Each spank slowly delivered with increasing strength and my spare hand exploring the back of her neck and shoulders. Slowly slipping under my control and building up to the spanking I sought we played on.  As the bars of Break on Through to the Other Side crank out so does my hand on the cheeks of missy’s bum.  I am absorbed by the music, carried away with it, arm aching and hand stinging; all the while listening for a safeword that never comes.  The strikes are consistent and deliberate, her breathing shallow and fast, her fists balled in the bed-clothes.  The crescendo of the song hits a high and crashes to a halt as do we in a pool of sweat and gasping breath.

Puss-In-Boots has a lot to answer for, but then again so does missy who willingly pulls down her knickers and allows me to colour her cheeks, and telling me that she really doesn’t enjoy such things. Odd when you think about it, considering how wet she gets!


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  1. I love the insights you are sharing. Finding the kink in innocent (if panto can ever be that!) is one of my secret amusements. I also appreciate the qualms you express about spanking – it can be genuinely difficult to break these taboos and sometimes needs real reassurance from the sub that it’s more than just OK, they really want it!

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