A2Z Challenge – U-V-W-X-Y-Z

The A2Z Challenge was too much for my head to keep up in the end. I started to write bollocks to fill in the letters and decided enough was enough! However, my ever supportive wife suggested I don’t throw the towel in and go for a paragraph each to finish. Thanks missy for the final push!

U – is for Underwear.

I love underwear on missy, and in fact most female bodies.  It is like looking a unique piece of art and then framing it tastefully. The composition and suggestion changes immediately.  There is always that inference of what you could have and that is far more sexy than a picture of legs spread wide and a gaping snatch!  I have nothing wrong with the later, as there is always room for such displays, however, underwear can be so DAMN sexy!

V – is for Voyeur

Peeping through windows and key holes is not my past time but watching others play in general I find very hot. I have masturbated over porn for decades and that has developed into my kink of someday watching missy play with others.  There is something about being invited into a private space to watch a scene or act unfold.

W – is for wishful thinking

I have a bad habit of filling in the gaps during conversations and creating possibilities without openly discussing them.  This causes me, occasional, to go off chasing hares and sometimes to be surprised when missy suggests something I had thought about and dismissed. This basically boils down to me living inside my own head too much.  I have got better, but there’s always room for improvement!

X – is for Cross Roads In Life

A cop-out maybe for the letter X, however, D/s delivers me to a cross roads in life far more than ever before.  I am forced to question my actions, inactions and role in our relationship.  Things are never straight forward and are never quite what they seem looking from the outside in.  My analogy of using a cross roads in decision-making is far more accurate than a T-Junction where left or right are the only options. The cross roads gives you the choice of travelling in a forward direction without change, which in my case can give the false appearance of having the least line of resistance. However, you can only go in straight line until the fuel runs out, or in D/s terms, until the status quo no longer fits the dynamic. I suppose all my cross roads give me time to examine the best possible route, and of course, I have a great co-driver who reminds me of speed limits and occasional poor navigation.

Y – is for Young at Heart

Despite being the wrong side of fifty and having a challenging past few years, I am still young at heart. In fact I can be idiot at times ,in a good way, but not frequently enough.  They do say if you surround yourself with young people it rubs off (not in Gary Glitter way), more in that their enthusiasm for life and optimism is contagious. We have a large family and our children do keep us on our toes. I now share a car journey to work with my 18-year-old daughter and when she is not grumpy through lack of sleep, we talk about all sorts of things.  She rolls her eyes when I sing, complains when I’m too loud, whistle, make noises like a racing car, comment on people’s driving and impart general knowledge. She will miss our drives when she starts University this year; and I will miss our drives together.  D/s is another that keeps me young in the head. Being emotionally charged and immersed in sexual activities from blogging to flogging does get the neurons racing.  When engaging in a scene I do not think about the lack of hair on my head, the numerous scars on my body and a few tight muscles. I am just me enjoying myself, feeling sexy and making my sub feel the same.  When our children have all left, albeit temporarily, I will still be a kid at heart through D/s and just as well really. Think of all the trouble I can get into being a childish with so many grandchildren!

Z – is for Zeppelin

I had a teacher at school called Mrs.Part. She was in her late 50’s possibly early 60’s in 1980 and grew up as a teenager in London during WW2. Now you may think this tale is about the Zeppelin airships (which didn’t bomb London in WW2, but in fact WW1 just for the record).  But no, in fact this tale is about Mrs. Part’s massive tits and her bras that made her huge boobs look like Zeppelin airships! They were massive, I mean almost pantomime size.  They held no sexual attraction, unlike Miss. Jones’ nipples from the sports department, they were just an addition to the 7 Wonder’s of the World!  I admit they were not as wonderous as the Hanging Garden of Babylon, but wonderous they were all the same.  I have reflected in my own adult life what a burden they must have been to this older lady. They rested on her desk when she sat down and hid the register. She would write beautiful script on the black board in chalk, but only go to wipe the lower passages off as her boobs rubbed against the board. Her chest was always covered in chalk dust which is why she probably wore a white blouse.  She once dropped a pencil she was flipping in her hand and it stuck in her ample cleavage. I don’t think she realised for a few minutes but is caused up roar.  So I am sorry Mrs. Part for laughing at your boobs which, along with you, have since departed this world and the end of an era, and for that matter, the end of the A2Z Challenge.  And……….exhale…

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  1. Hey I’m impressed that you did this challenge. So what if the last post was a whole bunch of letters together… you still did it. Well done. And I agree—nipples peaking/poking out from clothing is way sexier than huge boobs! Though the owner of huge boobs can make them really sexy by virtue of her attitude and body language—oh heck I just find women exciting!!

  2. Good job on the final push, you may now resume normal life. I’ve enjoyed your tales from the past, maybe that could be a longer running feature. Same again next year eh?

  3. Congrats on the final push, HL … and I loved the humour … I was sitting at the breakfast table reading this with a vanilla friend this morning and had to choke back the laughter at Z … and re Y … I had a year of special drive to school time with my Dad many moons ago .. a time I still remember today … as one of five kids, I saw as it as my time to have Dad to myself. In spite of her eye rolling, I’m betting you’re making memories for her as well … nj

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