A2Z Challenge T is for Testicles

I love having my testicles played with.  They no longer fall in to the ‘hairy bollock’ class; they are smooth and silky.  My  extended to my balls after having done it once and realising that smooth balls do get more attention!  Although not the focus of this post, pubes in general have taken a cut back over the years. My cock looked massive the first time I did it! (A small benefit I admit)

Testicles are a delicate piece of kit.  In the right frame of mind they can take abuse. If mishandled, the sensation can be extremely painful that will force you to your knees after a hit; the pain is very similar to stomach cramps when you have an upset stomach. It’s not good.  I recall being kicked in the balls at school by a girl.  I saw stars and nearly threw up; sudden pain in the balls can really ruin your day.

I had a vasectomy many years back.  My reasons for having it done are irrelevant, however, the experience was….unique.  Before I get comparison statements on what I say next, I have witnessed child-birth on a number of occasions and in addition have held a lamp for a surgeon who stitched up the inside of a vagina (long story). My point is that I am glad I am male and don’t have to deal with that side of life for as wonderful as it maybe to bring a child into the world, it looks and sounds fucking painful.  My own personal ‘legs wide open’  experience was having my cock and balls on show, looked at, prodded and openly discussed like a take-away menu; and then have needles pushed in to them numb the area.  The rest wasn’t so bad, a bit of pulling and a few knots I was done.  The next day though was like a had been kicked in the cock by a horse!

My balls are being ignored here I know.  Balls sit nicely in a tempreture controlled bag, which according to the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, was the excess skin left over when God made elbows! For me though, that wee bag is magical when touched, kissed or even nibbled. So many nerve endings to excite the brain, and all the time housing two egg shaped items that give so much pleasure when given ‘delicate’ attention.

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