A2Z Challenge – S is for Shit

I hate to conform to what people say I have to do

You can’t say this, that, or the other, it offends, upsets, and therefore I don’t – I’m not a wanker, in that sense.

I don’t like being told what to do, but accepted without question order in uniform, and gave orders out. But I don’t like being told what to do.

I hate lateness and noisy eaters and yet I can be late at times and eat apples like a horse. Chomp chomp, tick tock.

Tell me your problems and I’ll listen all day, try to give them to me and you’ll hit a brick wall. Obstacles get cleared with objectivity not micro managing, problems are the same.

Not knowing what to write annoys me, it forces me to write words like these that have no direction and just let me dump my brain.

D/s, and children, money, work, the garden, the bathrooms, the list of jobs that grow and grow. The frustration of not grasping them until they shine. But wanting to.

S is for Shit – the shit you have to deal with and the shit you create in life.  Some good and some bad, some old and some new; and Shit I haven’t got the words for a post about……S.


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