A2Z Challenge – M is for Mouth

My cock in missy’s mouth enters a magical world.  I never know what is going to happen on each venture. Sometimes it is a gentle tour around the tongue.  A warm relaxing stroll that feels heavenly, like a half awake dream.  Moments of what appears to be inactivity, until that is, when the actual activity stops, and then you miss the subtle attention.

Some days there is greed that cannot be held back. Like waves crashing into a cliff cave, noisy and violent until the sea spews forth over the roof of the cavern. Those days leave you wanting more, if it were not for the over exertion.

On rare days her mouth explores everywhere it can reach. No stone unturned, and no corner unsearched. Those days leave you hanging, wondering if the same area will be covered twice, a repeat performance of pure bliss and breath-taking moments.

Finally, there are events when the beast is unshackled. My cock is forced by her hands on my buttocks, pushing my cock deeper into her throat; gagging, choking and spluttering.  In the fury her back teeth scrape against me, causing beautiful pain that draws a climax every closer. Faster and faster I fuck her face with no concern for her welfare as her eyes watering and snot running from her nose; I slow, just to check, and I am forced back into motion by her uncontrolled need to be used. Finally, with one last thrust, my cock passes the back of her throat and shoots warm cum, bypassing her taste buds and the need to clear up a mess.

We lay exhausted, trying to imagine how we became so uncontrolled and needy, like animals.

Masturbation Monday
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