A2Z Challenge – N is for Nudity

Standing in front of the mirror naked does not bother me. I see potential, albeit somewhat late to become the next cover for Mens Health magazine.  Once, a long time ago now, I had a body that was built for the beach.  My job required me to manually handle tons of cargo every week and with a healthy diet, I soon took shape.  I remember being at a party once and a girl came up to me and put her hand around my upper arm.
“Ohhh what muscular arms you’ve got.  Come and have a feel of this guy’s arms.” She called to her friend.  I admit to feeling rather flattered by this public announcement of my manliness!  That was over 30 years ago now, and despite not being the athletic build of yester year, the years of shifting weight from A to B made me grow beyond my own expectations.  Now it’s a case of not growing anymore in the wrong places!

I do like being naked though. Regardless of what I may now look like, I enjoy the wind around my nether regions. I feel more alive I suppose. I have never been to a naturist camp, or beach for that matter, however, missy and I tend to avoid clothing on holiday when privacy allows. Naked with the sun on you and skinny dipping in the pool is what holidays are made for.  Being naked isn’t for everyone, I get that.  Seeing a flaccid cock swinging in the breeze doesn’t rank very highly on the ‘wish you were here’ list.

Nudity isn’t necessarily sexy. Partial exposure is far more in my opinion.  Low cut tops and short skirts are fashions attempt to create sexuality, and it works very well. Underwear provides the same thing without doubt, however, nudity provides vulnerability, full disclosure and nowhere to hide.  Yes it’s impracticable, feeling cold, getting sunburnt, no wear to keep your phone and loose change, all those first world problems.

I looked at the possibility of going to one of those Caribbean resorts that are clothing optional.  It was only after doing a bit of research that I realised mass nudity did nothing for me. A crowd of 500 people sitting around on towels with enough plastic body enhancements to shame a Lego factory, it’s not for me.  How big a crowd? I really don’t know. A couple, a few, maybe even a bunch of people would be okay.  Missy and I would love to attend a Cm/Nf event; I appreciate I would be clothed, and that is okay as it’s a different type of event where I can enjoy other people seeing her naked; another small kink of mine.

For now though, it’s me, missy and the mirror. Three old friends who have seen the changes and accepted them with love.


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  1. “Enough plastic […] to shame a Lego factory”! ?

    I do so have a love hate relationship with my own body, and I know MrH has thought about a Cm/nf event but what puts him off is the ceremonial parade that’s been described at the start.

  2. I have a excitement-fear set of feelings when I am naked in front of a woman, and very much like that uncomfortable feeling. The kink community has become a welcome home for such inclinations. I have read some of Missy’s writings on ‘humiliation’ and she does touch on some aspects of being exposed and desirous of ‘desire’!
    Oh well, thanks for the writings here.

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