A2Z Challenge – K is for Kissing

Kissing doesn’t seem to feature much in BDSM writing. It does feature, but not as much as maybe it should.  Think back to when you first meet someone and there’s all that swapping of spit and tongues. It’s very passionate and so intense it consumes you; and yet the kissing thing does ease off over time to be replaced by swapping other bodily fluids!

It’s funny though, because we kiss indiscriminately.  Lovers, friends, family, animals and even the ground in extreme situations.  We kiss all sort of things too. Lips, heads, cheeks, noses, necks and arm pits – in fact there is nothing off-limits.  I think I have kissed every inch single of missy in our time together.  It’s a stamp of love, desire and acceptance that all is well. But it doesn’t feature as much as it should.  I mean, if you just kissed you would probably cum in your pants, eventually!

We kiss in the morning, when one of leaves the house, when they come back (them’s the rules) before sleep, before play, during play, after play and just because I love you.  I can bring missy to the point of orgasm, hold her there, and then deeply kiss her; Karbooom! Orgasm! It’s enough to tip her over; that one intimate act is enough to make her fall apart.  Not another dildo, more power on the wand, another swipe of the cane – just a kiss.

Kissing should feature more in BDSM.

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  1. Wonderful description of kissing to bring on an orgasm. You are right kissing doesn’t feature as much as it should do, it can be such a passionate and consuming act at times.

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