A2Z Challenge – I is for Inconsistency

Horace Smith was an English poet born in 1779. He is quoted in saying, ‘Inconsistency is the only thing in which men are consistent.’
That probably translates more appropriately in today’s terms as the human condition being consistently inconsistent, which in general terms is probably correct. Despite my attempt to modernise Smith’s quote, inconsistency is a constant in life and D/s is no stranger to that.

‘My name is Hislordship and I am inconsistent.’  There you go, I stood up to be counted and bared myself to the blogging world!  Joking aside, assumption may the mother of all fuck ups, but inconsistency is a very close relation.  I have a very limited attention span which doesn’t help, so when a thought is there in my head, it doesn’t take much to pull me away, and I’ve got worse as I’ve got older!

Consistency maybe labelled by some as unimaginative, but you could be consistently imaginative, so the argument is moot point.  For me and many Doms, inconsistency is the one area that needs serious attention.  Being in control of the rules you have agreed,  noticing when they have been broken and consistently following that up is so important. It adds value to the task in hand, provides acknowledgement and feedback.  A key benefit of D/s is being recognised in a relationship for your true worth and putting the other person’s needs first, and yes you know it, consistently!

And so, I will strive consistently to be consistent with not being inconsistent and hope that if anything, I will be……unfailing!


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  1. That was almost my word for I! I could talk all day about needing to be consistent and needing consistency in my D-type person, but it didn’t fit in with my gratitude theme, so… Um, I chose the word Indecent. Huh. I feel I may have been inconsistent with my theme anyway!

  2. This is a tough one … inconsistency has caught up with us a few times in the past year … often only identified in hindsight as the source of an issue. On the other hand … our dominants carry an extra load of responsibility not present in a vanilla relationship … and you are only human after all ;)) … nj

  3. Unfailingly inconsistent, then? 😉

    I think we all need different types and levels of consistency; what ‘consistency’ means to one person is not necessarily consistent with another’s interpretation of the concept. Finding a balance that works for both/all without falling into wobbly where-do-I-stand land but also avoiding stagnation…

    (No, not Stag Nation. I think that was a ’70s porn film. 😛 )

    It’s a tough line to find, let alone to walk consistently.

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