A2Z Challenge – H is for.. HisLordship


An unusual title I agree, although probably over due, for I was not always referred to as HisLordship.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to regal you with stories of how HL came to be, as that can be found in various posts written over the years.  This very quick post is what HisLordship has brought to pass over the past 6 years.

For those who have met me, you will know that I am not a titled man with an estate in the country.  I live in the countryside now, and once lived on a council estate, and there the connection ends!  I felt that the HL tag and the blog that sprang up from it was always going to happen at some point. I have been known by a few titles over the years, but a Lord has certainly not been one of them. However, I needed a pen name this one had a good fit.  Once I started to write anything that resembled readable, I found stories from I was a kid coming out. Soldiers, monsters and cowboys were all in there banging on my skull.  I don’t know about you, but once I start to type I have to keep going until I dry up. That hasn’t always great as a my drafts folder is more than a work in progress!

So what does HL give me as an individual, and a male dominant who writes stuff occasionally?  For starters he gives me the persona to sometimes write about issues or topics that I don’t feel I have the right to cover.  Or cover a subject that is just slightly taboo.  Would I normally write, or even think about a male nurse giving coma patients a blowjob?  Or a guy wanking in a car over teacher?  Some of the stuff is just odd! And yet HL gives me the freedom to do just those things.

HL is not my Dominant alter ego, although to many he is a someone who people do associate directly with me as a person. On occasion someone will seek advice from time on D/s matters and even ask to be mentored which is a great privilege.  I think I play it down by saying he is just a name on a badge, a title to write behind or a vehicle that allows me to blend in with other writers far better than I.  That actually sounds as though I have aspirations to become something in writing, when in fact I am quite lazy about the whole thing. The fact that I am writing this at 11.30pm is testament to my lack of writing organisational skills.  I take how people react to what I write on face value; you either like it or you don’t.  Actually, that’s a lie. I hope you get something from it. A smile, a frown, or a correction in my grammar all goes towards passing something on I suppose.  And so I end this last-minute post with heavy eyes and the call of our bed upstairs with a promise. My next post will be a lot better than this one your Lordship!


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  1. I love this post because it gives a little insight into you. I guess we all do that when we write, especially in this type of blog. It is good to hear from the male perspective. It is rare to hear from men. My own darling S. has only contributed about three posts but he does suggest things for me to write. So keep going it is all very interesting. <3

    • Thank you. Yes it would be good to have more men writing. I know a few Doms who I would call if I needed support, however, realising you need support and admitting it are very different things!!

  2. It’s a fitting title and I do understand how having an “alternative name” can allow you to talk about things more easily that if you vanilla name was on the forefront.

  3. I can relate to the pen name feeling like it can let you open up more, for me it’s a perceived confidence that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

    Although I know HL isan’t your Dom name I still like to imagine that it is, even though I’ve met you and know your actual name. Hope it’s OK but you will always feel like a HL to moi. Same goes for missy!

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