A2Z Challenge – E is for Electric

My first experience of electric stimulation was watching my mum in her mid-thirties using a complicated gadget made by SlenderTone. It consisted of eight pads the size of a saucer and connected to a power bar with an on/off switch, plus a bank of roller controls for each pad. Having engaged my Dad to sort out the tech side of things (mistake) my mum was instructed to place the pads on her stomach, legs and arms. On closer inspection my dad would have seen (had he bothered to read the manual) that each pad needed a wipe with a wet sponge to disperse the electricity. He would have also seen that you should check that each of the power rollers is turned to zero. I really think he wished he had in hindsight. My poor mum went immediately rigid when the switch was thrown. In fact she looked like a cartoon character who had stuck their fingers in a live power socket. From memory, I can’t ever remember seeing it used again after that.

When electric stimulation for sexual play entered my world some 30 years later, my apprehension should be obvious. It was only when I saw the sexy packaging of the ElectraStim products did I have a mind-shift. Accuse me of being influenced by advertising if you will, however, this range of products had butt plugs, cock rings and all manner gadgets that the 1980’s forerunner certainly didn’t have! (Fortunately for my Mum!)

My experience to date has been all positive. From the first session of applying the pads to missy’s buttocks, after reading the instructions, I realised the control you could wield! Once the pulses can be felt, it really is a question of increasing power, adjusting to the sensation, increasing again and so forth. Now we have not used the electric in isolation, there has always been the use of a Doxy Wand or some anal play. The combination works really well!

I have used the a small butt plug attachment on myself and found the whole experience both very odd and quite sexual at the same time. I did try the pads on various parts of my genitalia, however, having built up the power to a good level, post orgasm changes your tolerance considerably! One tip, don’t try to pull the pads off your cock when it’s turned on. Thick skin or not, fingers are a good conductor.

At Eroticon this year I was asked by friends of ours, Purplesoul and Gem, if I could demo our electric system. I was honoured to be asked if I could wire Gem up similar to how I play with Missy. Once wired and demonstrated, I left them to it. What is the famous saying by Victor Kiam and the Remmington electric razor? ‘I liked the product so much, I bought the company.’ Well not quite, but PS and Gem did buy their own very quickly!

All in all electric play is a winner for us. It easy to use and certainly gets a reaction when used used with care and communication. For me it produces such extreme sensations that it can transport you away from your current surroundings very quickly; and to be honest that is no bad thing is such a busy world!

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  1. Well, I’ll add this as another good review for electrostim. I’m still on the fence about electric play. I was a little too spaced out to try it this year during kinklab. I need to see if I can find a way to play with it for some focused time to find out if I would like it for sure.

  2. We thank you so much for introducing us to electric play!! So versatile a product and the sensations are amazing. We have also made the mistake of removing pads whilst the power was still on, never again.

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