A2Z Challenge – B is for Breasts

From a heterosexual perspective my attraction to breasts is purely sexual.  I have a full understanding of the role they play in feeding young children, that fact has not passed me by as a father; one could think that the connection with the base line purpose for breasts could kill sexual interest for them.  But seriously, get a life!  Breasts, boobs, bangers and any other derivative for mammary glands, starting with the letter B, are just fucking amazing.  No seriously, they are fantastic.  I have admired breasts from my early days of men’s magazines through into adult life, and never tired from of the look and feel.

Fashion plays a large part in keeping the pot boiling.  Jayne Mansfield torpedo chest in the 1950’s through to cat walk models with nothing more than a pair of nipples to weigh them down. Breasts in bras, bikinis, t-shirts, men’s shirt, open air and in the bath.  What a lovely sight!

For me, one of missy’s nicest features are her boobs. They have double handedly feed three children and survived a myriad of BSDM activities when we have played; and they still look great!  I never tire looking at them, touching them, pulling them, biting (lightly) them and kissing them.  I could be hardwired to be drawn to them I know, but the ones I love the best are the one I see last thing and night and bouncing off to the shower in the morning.  ‘Breast is Best’ was the slogan for breast-feeding babies. Between you and I, they stole it from me!

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  1. Beautiful breasts, I mean who doesn’t like them? I think I appreciate looking at others more than my own, I am certainly enjoying the photo. Nipple tassels look so pretty and tempting.

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