A to Z Challenge – Anal

I’ve decided to do the A to Z Challenge from a male perspective.  I have to apply a number of rules around this endeavour, the first one is that I have only 20 mins to write each one.  I have never written against the clock, unless you count a typing a text before boarding an aircraft. So here goes..


My love and drive for anal comes very much my brain and my balls having a small party when it comes to the female anus. It’s because there’s an additional hole to play with, and because missy really gets off being touched there, I get off on it too.

I am forever conscious that pounding away on someone arsehole can cause all number of discomforts for a few days later.  Sitting at work with your ‘hoop’ swollen like a ring doughnut or getting hemorrhoids cannot be fun, or romantic.  The long-term effects are unknown to me, however, I once worked with a large number of gay men who had horror stories. On reflection it could have been a little bit of ‘let’s have a laugh at the heterosexual’s expense!’

My experience with anal has been mostly positive, and only with missy.  Following the basic rule to use plenty of lube, and then add more is an excellent tip.  Like all muscles, they need relaxing to get the best flexibility and the anus is no different.  Having missy on the point of orgasm is a great opportunity to start exploring as everything becomes more relaxed and accessible. I have been surprised what can be fitted in what is normally such a tight enclosure.  Having anal sex tends to come later in play for the aforementioned reasons, and I have tried using a condom so that clean up is quick, no laxative inducing semen enters the game and I can also switch back to vaginal play without requiring a full decontamination mid way.

One problem I have encountered is that putting a condom on pre-anal seems to lose the stiffness required to enter a tight orifice.  Condom off, and all is well!  My relationship with condoms is admittedly thin, featherlite in fact.  A lot of sexual activity was pre-AIDS and then what came after was stupidity, until marriage.  I did get tested a long time ago after waking up in a panic and vowed to keep a coat on it.  When I have used a condom with missy, for fun or other reasons I cannot recall, the experience is not positive.  I must have deep nerve endings or no sense, no feeling applies!  Therefore anal is the final act in play which make a lot of sense for so many practical reasons.

Anal for me is a form of hedonism.  Both people are engaged in act that can be extreme and requires communication to get to where you are both comfortable.  Just hearing me say the words, ‘I’m going to fuck you in the arse.’ gets us both to a point where you just have to go for it and see where it takes you.  Having all of my cock buried deep inside missy’s arse can only be described as explosive, which is where you really want to end, isn’t it!

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  1. I am really pleased you are taking part in this challenge. I wish that I could write as well in 20 minutes and look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the coming weeks. xxx

  2. “My love and drive for anal comes very much my brain and my balls having a small party when it comes to the female anus.”

    Great way to start a post, I almost dropped my morning porridge. Maybe you should write to a time limit more often.

  3. I have often wondered what the long term affects of ‘pounding away’ in that area could be, but not enough to Google it. Great post HL, I do like reading about anal.

  4. So glad you are doing the Challenger – love a male point of view – I covered anal in my post from yesterday – it is a tricky ol business!

  5. Okay, so I definitely chuckled at this. Not sure if humor was your intent, but it definitely reads that way for me.

    (Especially when considering that ‘explosive’ and ‘anus’ used together could be interpreted completely differently and decidedly in-sexily!) (Memories of my colonoscopy experience… :shudder: )

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