That Was The Week That Was – March

TW-TW-TW started out as a scribble on the back on an envelope which soon became too full and too incriminating to have lying around!  My scribbles were my own and the accountability to complete them rested with me only. This not only meant it was easily lost under the pile of other old envelopes I write on, it also meant they didn’t get done!  I decided that transparency and nudity of my aims in public was a better route for me.


Hello! Yes I know I’m running somewhat late for a ‘week that was’ and it’s become a ‘month that was’ but who really minds?

March has been a busy month I must admit.  Eroticon was firmly on the calendar as a highlight, and we were not disappointed. More about that in a separate post.

In addition to attending erotic writing seminars, I have a new job! Well, half of one at least. I am now working for a charity which is a real turnaround for having worked for two corporate giants in the past. It’s actually quite nice to contribute to giving something back and not screwing people for every penny you can get just to make the CEO’s bonus bigger!  Ironically, that’s why I was hired because I know how to do those things!  Strange world.

How’s the D/s going HL I hear you ask?  Well, it’s funny you should mention that. In truth, there’s a lot of room for improvement. We are still in a D/s relationship on simmer rather than full-blown gas. I have spoken so many Doms & Subs over time on this particular topic and I always offer the same opinion that communication is the best route of action. Just a shame that a lot of my own communication takes place in my own head and not out of my mouth! It’s something I have to work on and in all likelihood I would have to take the extreme option, and reel it back in. There’s a lot going on in my head that I have a block on verbalizing. I can talk about shit for hours if I get the chance, it’s just some topics carry a lead weight with them that is hard to lift.  If you have met me in person you will know that is not the man I have described; everyone wears a different hat from time to time I guess.

March is half way through and spring brings lighter evenings and a little more warmth to the Scottish earth; not much, just a little.  I am not a suffer of SAD although sun light does put a better spin on life. My target for this month is get a few D/s basics reaffirmed so that April brings a real closeness and some pushing of sexual boundaries for both of us.  That’s the plan!  I also need to have a blogging schedule as well to keep me on the go. Having attended Kayla Lords‘ presentation at Eroticon on that very subject, the term ‘changing habits’ is still ringing in my ears!

I intend to also get my camera back out of the case and get missy outside for more photo opportunities. Although we have made the decison not to post on line, there’s no excuse to start building our own back catalogue!  Catch you in April!



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