Reflections Of Eroticon ’19

We went back!  Yes indeed Missy and I made a return appearance at Eroticon 2019.  This wasn’t a last minute decision by far; this baby was booked up during summer last year!  Was this year different to last?  Very much so would be the answer.  Last year we knew very few people through their blogs. Missy knew more than I due to her wider online audience, however, that is not to say that many people made a big effort to say hello and welcome. This year, introductions were not generally required.  Over the past 12 months Twitter, Instagram and blogging has brought so many three dimensional  people into our livingroom it was with confidence we entered into the Holiday Inn arena.

I appreciate that some of my followers may not know what an Eroticon is!  In short,  it is the annual event in London where writers, bloggers, sex industry workers and generally nice people meet to listen and participate in all many of activities. An orgy this is not, however, if you want to write about one on your blog this is the place to find how to do this with effect and wider distribution.

This year’s speakers were wide and varied and as usual always a real challenge to get to all the ones that took my fancy. In fact this year missy and I went our own way on a couple of occasions to listen to things that had personal interest.  When not listening to the excellent content, there were the fabulous sponsors who attended with their wears on display. It’s always nice to get your hands on a new product, or even and old one, and have a knowledgeable person to walk you through how things work.  Having tested a few toys in the past it was also nice to share experiences face to face.

Although not a consistent blogger, unlike missy,  my attendance allowed me to come away with some reminders and new skills when writing. I find it great to have a renewed enthusiasm after a training course or information session, and Eroticon is no different.  The kinky blogging community to which I am part of is so unbelievably welcoming and supportive.  Yes, people will always flock to their familiar crowd in a group setting like the Meet & Greet on Friday and the Social on Saturday, however, that did not stop me witnessing new attendees being engaged in conversation. As I said, this is a very inclusive group.

I should mention that I did get the opportunity to demonstrate our Electrastim kit on our friend’s bum as she showed a real interest in the product.  I left them to play with it, and our Doxy, in private to great effect I was told. In fact, I hear they have ordered their own device from Electrastim!  I should be in sales!

To host such an event takes up a huge amount time and I know the planning for next year has already started, so a big thank you to,


Molly Moore

Michael Knight

Girl on the Net

I have listed as many of the speakers who took time to prepare their 45 minutes of centre stage – Thank you all the effort you put in also!


Kayla Lords

Cara Thereon

Franki Cookney


Jaime Mortimer

Bianca from Helen’s Toy Box

Zebra Rose

Jetset Jasmine & King Noire

Hyacinth Jones  

Marie Rebel

Natalia Grubinzna

Quinn Rhodes

Eleanor Jenega

Emily Jacob

Exposing 40

Florance Schechter

Amy Norton

Calandra Balfour

Claire Blakeborough

Come Curious


Without the support of the sponsors Eroticon would very difficult, if not impossible to host in the centre of London. Thank you for support this important event!


Sheets of San Francisco


Ruby Glow


Hot Octopuss

Temptation Holidays


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