Orgasms – ‘Tell Me About’ Prompt

There are lots of things I have forgotten about my youth, thankfully!  However, the two that have remained is my first discussion about sperm, and my first wank. (Orgasms)  You have the option at this point to stop reading or skip to the Sperm or Wanking paragraphs.


I would have only been about 8 years of age when this topic came up. I know the age is roughly right due to the house we lived in, and the school I attended at the time. There was a family that lived over the road. Four teenagers made up of two sexy girls who always said, “Hi beautiful,” when they saw me sitting on our wall, and two teenage boys with motorbikes.  One lad always had a girl on the back of his bike. It would have been around 1975 so very short skirts were still being brilliantly worn, getting on and off a motorbike always interested me!  I remember being told by someone that this leather clad rebel once spunked into a test tube and it was BLACK!  I think I was truly shocked, Black! Can you imagine that?  One issue I privately had, was that I had no idea what spunk was, let alone the colour it was supposed to be. In fact, wanking was a complete mystery to me also, so the whole make-believe scandal was lost on me for at least another four years. Black spunk! Imagine….wow, brill…mumbles something incoherent..


A lad in my primary school could make his cock grow. Yes, grow! He could make it bigger by rubbing it. He showed everyone, and I have to admit, even on reflection, he had a big cock for someone so skinny! I don’t recall trying to copy his parlour trick because I didn’t know what or why he did it. It was only in my last year of primary school did other bodily feelings start to stir, albeit in a very innocent way.

Secondary education opened up a whole new world to me. My chosen school was 3 miles away from home and way beyond the eyes of my parents, or so I thought.  Early school days introduced me to girls, the cane, shoplifting on a small-scale, smoking, bullying, fighting, and wanking.  Most of my friends were obsessed with all of the aforementioned. If you weren’t being chased by a shop owner, handing over your dinner money to bullies, talking about sex, hiding cigarettes down your trousers to escape detection or avoiding being caned/slippered/rulered/backhanded or PT in your underpants – you were wanking.  My very first experience is vividly clear; parents’ house, small lavatory space, a back and forth motion to recreate the regular morning tee-pee effect I now experienced, a few thoughts about Karen/Jeanette/Julie and then… FUCKING HELL!! I had the biggest head rush to date. My knees almost went from under me with the sudden explosive feeling. My hand (other) shot out to steady myself and tore the toilet roll holder off the wall. There was jizz everywhere; back of the loo seat, on the loo seat, my hands, and the floor. I could hardly bloody breath.  I honestly thought I had broken something internally!  Nothing had prepared me for that; yes we spoke about it at school, but no one had actually admitted to it, let alone described this feeling.  It would be a few days before I tried again and if I’m honest, if I had lived in a dry forest area and not London, I would have been a damn fire hazard with all that friction!

Orgasms have seen me through both light and dark times. They have filled gaps in boredom when either on guard duty many years ago, or long scooter rides in the dark over many miles. An orgasm has proved to be a good friend.  Of course I am now a more sophisticated producer of orgasms. I have created life on at least 4 occasions and use my self-control to ensure missy’s orgasm has priority over mine; that’s assuming that I am not just using her for that purpose which happens from time to time as part of our dynamic. One thing I should not overlook is the fantastic toys you can now buy to help produce an orgasm. We have quite a few, some even transferable across the genitalia spectrum! I have had a good relationship with orgasms, and I openly admit there have been times when I could not fire my bullets of joy. Stress, tiredness, over use and illness have all played a part, however, when things are working as per the manual, life does feel damn good, even for just one glorious moment!



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