Read All About It (Part 2)

‘Read All About It’  brings you an insight into the what the media are saying about sex and relationships.  Whilst I tend to think some of what is printed is fit for the bottom of a bird cage, you can find some jewels amoungst the muck! That should not distract you from you own opinions, which I would love to hear!

January 2019 (Part 2)





Study Recommends Unusual Way To Deal With Past Trauma: BDSM

The Daily Wire

A scholarly paper published in a peer-reviewed feminist academic journal decided to examine a most lurid subject: reliving a past trauma and trying …

Cat owners ‘more likely to be into bondage’ than others because of brain parasite, study finds

The Sun

They added: “It must be stressed that the Toxoplasmainfection explains only small part of the variability in BDSM-associated traits.” Around one third of …

Margaret Cho Hopes The BDSM Web Series She’s Producing Shatters Stereotypes About Asian …

BuzzFeed News

Cho, actor Poppy Liu, and Yin Q, the BDSM master whose memoir serves as the inspiration for the show, stopped by BuzzFeed News’ morning show …

Woman says becoming boyfriend’s live-in bondage slave cured her eating disorder

The Daily Mirror

Italian couple Antonina Barbuzza and Emanuele Mureddu live a BDSM …. Not only is the BDSM involved in their daily lives, but also in the bedroom.

“The surprising way my sex life changed after I was raped”


What I didn’t know then is that experimenting with BDSM and kink is actually not uncommon among sexual assault survivors. And, it can be a very …

Versace Says Yes to the Harness


From printed shirts to shoes, the label is giving major BDSM vibes, but adding their own touch with the gold buckles and gold studs as opposed to the …



Couples are LOVING the Sticky Scissors sex position – it’ll help you orgasm EVERY time


Trisha Borowicz, an orgasm equality blogger, told Cosmopolitan: “While he’s slowly pumping, you can grind up against his inner thigh to get the clit …

Everything You Need to Know About the Clitoris

The vagina is where a penis goes during intercourse, making it the most important part of a woman’s body for male pleasure and orgasm. Since we …

Savage Love: Lost Kinkster

San Antonia Current

Q: I’m a 19-year-old bisexual woman really into orgasm denial and edging. With the recent Tumblr ban on all NSFW content, I have no idea where to …

Sex File: He never wants to take things slowly in the bedroom

Irish Examiner

In her book Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of Female Orgasm, Nicole Daedone explains a technique you might like to try called Orgasmic Meditation …

More And More Women Are Having ‘Peegasms’ – And Doctors Are Seriously Concerned

Gentside UK

But the followers of peegasm, a neologism formed by ‘pee’ and ‘gasm’ (the end of the word orgasm) go further and even speak of sexual pleasure …

A brief history of Mary Queen of Scots’ sex life – and the orgasm which changed everything


Josie Rourke’s historical drama Mary Queen of Scots premiered in November 2018 and is due for release in British cinemas on 18 January 2019.

“Blended orgasm” device maker calls out CES for award take-back

Fast Company

The Consumer Electronic Association (CEA), which is holding its CES show in Las Vegas this week, is under fire for taking back an innovation award it …

CES 2019 – Robotic dildo sparks chaos as organisers BAN ‘immoral’ sex toy after it won award


A ROBOTIC dildo that gives its users “blended orgasms” has won an award at CES 2019 – only to have the prize snatched back by the show’s …

What is maintenance sex? It may help strengthen your marriage

NBC News

When we are looking at the brain and hormonal benefits, orgasm releases oxytocin which is the ‘feel good’ hormone that bonds us. This is why, when …







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