That Was The Week That Was (January)

TW-TW-TW started out as a scribble on the back on an envelope which soon became too full and too incriminating to have lying around!  My scribbles were my own and the accountability to complete them rested with me only. This not only meant it was easily lost under the pile of other old envelopes I write on, it also meant they didn’t get done!  I decided that transparency and nudity of my aims in public was a better route for me, and potentially others who find managing life a struggle at times.


That Was The Week That Was (or a month broken down!)

‘A moment of reflection if you don’t mind,’  I told myself.  In the build up to Christmas missy and I produced a kinky advent calendar giving us 24 things we could do for one another; an additional Christmas gift if you will. Unfortunately, I allowed life to get in the way and many of the nice things we promised each other did not materialise, which is a great shame because I really did miss out on a few real special moments! So with this being the 8th January and with still a handful of kinky dust to sprinkle, the list does not get confined to the recycling bin, instead I hereby breath new life into it.

  • More needle work
  • Oil and many hands
  • Neon Body Painting
  • Soup or a fuck for lunch mid-week?
  • Clingfilm bondage
  • Cockworship
  • Winter photos (if the snow comes)

I have a few personal objectives on the kink front for 2019 that include taking missy’s submission deeper and for me to be far more focussed on the general management of our relationship. There will always be a continual wave of external distractions that come with life, however, like waves you need to ride them and not allow them to smash your little boat each time!

With that I keep my January That Was The Week That Was short and sweet and to wish you all a belated Happy New Year!



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