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‘Read All About It’  brings you an insight into the what the media are saying about sex and relationships.  Whilst I tend to think some of what is printed is fit for the bottom of a bird cage, you can find some jewels amoungst the muck! That should not distract you from you own opinions, which I would love to hear!

January 2019


Bumble bride who married stranger in Vegas ‘FIRED from job over kinky BDSM photos
Daily Star UK

It looks like fans of BDSM in everyday life. Photo

Bumble bride who met husband on Christmas Eve reveals love of fetish parties

11 Memorable Photo Challenges For Photo Editors In 2018
BuzzFeed News

Critics call for a shutdown of black gay author’s play about BDSM and slavery
LGBTQ Nation


Kiara Advani: We now talk about the orgasm with respec

Why ALL couples should try the Table Top sex position to start 2019 with a ban
Daily Star

Can certain medications affect sex life?
The Star Online

7 Tips For Orgasming Together, According To Sex Experts


Karan Johar Has The Most Useful Tip For Doing An Orgasm Scene


This NARS Blush Is Better Than Orgasm — Don’t @ Me


COMMENT | The joy of the good old fashioned… wank
The Gay UK

These Are The Best Sex Toys For Men


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