Don’t Tell Tales Out Of School

When the email arrived in his inbox offering parent tuition to support students in their homework, his immediate reaction was to just delete it; and so he did – ‘click’ went the mouse.  The day was far too busy to be taking on more time-consuming activities. Ironically he had a parent’s evening tonight at 5.30pm.  Could his daughter for once not stop to think before making appointments before 6pm? Getting out of work early was never easy, and then there was traffic. This was now her 5th year in the academy and every year he had told her not to make appointments before….He was mentally ranting.  What did it matter anyway he told himself inwardly, it was done and whining about it only annoyed him more. Actually that wasn’t true, his ex-wife annoyed him more.  She flew in on the afternoon of every parent’s evening, private car to the school and a reverse trip back the same night. His daughter had once asked him if mum had always been that shallow.  He had to admit to her, begrudgingly, that she wasn’t always like that and that her mum did love her.
“Despite the fact that now being a famous actress made her a less focussed on what was important,” he had muttered.

It was same every bloody year, the school would be packed out with parents all with their own agendas, trying to either outwit the teachers their own inferior supierority or asking questions that had no bearing at all. It made him wonder where he fell into that puddle of cynisism!  He was surprised to find that his ex-wife wasn’t at the school when he arrived. By now she would have managed to draw a crowd and have the head teacher swoon all over her in the hope of another substantial donation to the school. He wondered if she ever stopped to consider that their daughter’s successes were her own and not through purchased favours?  Due to poor time keeping he was able to chat with his daughter who was running the refreshment stall and to hopefully get an audience alone with the first appointment without having to get a word in sideways.

“Sarah Browne?” A teacher called out. “Sarah Browne?”
“Dad, that’s your first meeting, English,” she said, grabbing the empty polystyrene cup out of his hand and pointing to a gap in the crowd.
He pushed his way through a line of people and fell out the other side almost careering into a small desk covered with paperwork.
“Sarah Browne?”
He looked up and was quite taken aback to find a very attractive woman sitting with her legs crossed holding on to the small table.
“Daren Browne actually,” he said offering his hand.

She wore her brown hair naturally with a slight wave to it which fell on to her shoulders. She had an interesting face, there was something about it that kept drawing him back.

“Mr. Browne, please do take a seat,” she said, and at the same time wondering if this parent could do that without falling off it.

It was her eyes. They screamed, ‘Come and fuck me.’  He was almost rendered speechless at the thought of what had unexpectedly popped in to his head!

“Are you alone Mr. Browne, I was under the impression Sarah’s mother would be joining you?”

Did she know that one button too many (for a parents evening) was undone on her blouse?

“Sorry?” He said, clenching his fists with slight embarrassment.
“Sarah’s mother, will she be joining us?”
“Her broom has probably broken down,” he said without thinking. “Oh! I am so sorry, that was inappropriate. Please forgive me?”

The teacher had her hand to her lips and he was sure there was a smile hidden away.
“That’s quite alright, now, Sarah, is there anything specific you wanted to discuss?”

He asked the usual bulk-standard questions and learnt that English was still not one of his daughter’s strongest subjects.
“It would be really helpful if you could read through her work with her, even if you don’t fully understand what is required. Just taking an interest will help, and of course there is always the Parent tuition classes I am running.”
“Yes I saw your email, what a great idea. I was thinking I might come along and see what you can show me.”

She blushed, he saw it. Her ears went a little pink too.

“I’m sure you would find it very helpful Mr. Browne. I have never done anything like that before so I’m hoping I will be able to teach you something!” she said half jokingly.
“Please call me Daren. I’ll definitely be there on…Thursday.”
“Yes Wednesday, at 6.30pm?
“5.30pm Daren, on Wednesday. It’s all in the email.” She said, half knowingly that he hadn’t read it properly, if at all.

“DARLING!” Echoed a voice across the hall.
“That will be my cue to leave you in peace, obviously the broom got fixed! I am very sorry, I didn’t get you name?”
“Miss MacDonald, or just Anne will be fine,” she said, offering her hand as she stood.

This was his first opportunity to take her all in. She was tall, with a lovely shape. Her clothes were not typical for a teacher, definitely the other end of the high street for shopping.  She was all-in-all very sexy, and best of all, she knew it.

By 5pm on Wednesday he was amazed to find himself sitting in his car. Everything that could have delayed his departure on an ordinary day seemed to avoid him, which to his mind was just perfect.  A loud rap on his car window brought him back into focus with a start!  It was his boss.
“You okay Daren.  You just seemed to be sitting there. Car okay?”
“Yes Brian, I’m fine thanks.  I’m just steeling myself for an hour of tuition at my daughter’s school. Homework support.” He replied.
“Oh well I won’t hold you up then, take care and good luck. Play nicely with the other kids!!”  And he was gone.

The drive was only 15 minutes from the office and having unusually avoided a lengthy chat with Brian, he noticed that all the traffic lights were in his favour too.  His run of good luck, however,  ran out when he arrived at the school. The surface car park closest to the main entrance was roped off and cars were directed to the small parking zone on the rise parallel to the side of the old school building.  It was empty bar one other, and this threw up a dilemma as to where to pull up. So many spaces to choose from! In the end he parked under a large security light to keep potential vandals away.  Gathering his mobile phone and bag he took one last look in the rear view mirror. Not bad for nearly 50 he thought.  As he took his eyes away from the mirror he refocused on the school windows beyond.  There was a run of 6 or so large frosted panes of glass which he assumed were bathrooms, half of which were illuminated from inside.  Being so close to the building at this height he had line of sight of a woman’s profile. He knew it was Anne MacDonald straight away.

With still 15 minutes to spare he was in no hurry to leave the car, especially now that he had something to fantasize about.  She was doing something with her hair, and what looked liked her make-up.  Her hands were near her neck for a moment and then by complete surprise she slowly removed her blouse to reveal a dark coloured bra.  Daren’s hand found his cock and squeezed it and as he did so the teacher in the window bent to remove her skirt. He could almost make out the dark bra and by seeing just a flash of light skin he could make out her knickers.  His cock was now out and could not help but stroke it.  From behind a solid mass in the room with Anne appeared another figure, only this one was much taller. They walked up behind her and wrapped one around her neck pulling her back towards them.  She was being attacked by some unknown person; although she did not seem to struggle.  Daren’s cock hardened at the thought.  The stranger brought his hands around to her front and quickly pulled at her bra and down to her knickers. Daren wanked furiously.  Without warning Anne was forced forwards and bent over at the waist, her hair held in one hand by the stranger whilst the other fumbled with their clothing.  Daren watched, and waited for the moment Anne would have that cock inside her. Daren imagined it was he that held her hair and his cock that was now finding its path through her folds of skin.  Daren saw the man thrust forward and Anne’s head pulled back, each thrust more furious than the last. It was amazing to watch and Daren could contain himself not longer.  As Anne slammed her hands against the mirror in front of her in sheer ecstasy both men came violently.  Daren lay back exhausted in his car seat, cum smeared over the front of his dark trousers and splashes over the back of his hand.  He watched as Anne turned around and kissed her attacker of passion. For that one brief moment he believed he could smell her, and wished more than ever he had tissues in the car.

Tuition didn’t happen that night, or in fact any other night after.  It wasn’t until 6 months later at the school’s Christmas end of year concert did Daren meet up again with Miss MacDonald.
“Hello Mr. Browne,” said a voice behind him.
Daren turned around and was once again captivated by her eyes.
“Hello Anne. Is Anne still okay?”
She laughed.
“Yes Anne is still fine.  You found another tuition class then?”
“Ah, no I didn’t. It’s a bit of a long story to be honest.”
“It usually is,” she said smiling. “I took ages preparing for that class, maybe you could tell me why you stood me up over a drink?”
Daren looked at her for a moment.
“Well I promise if you prepare as hard as you did last time, I’ll make the effort to come just for you…”
She looked at him quizzically,

“I think maybe two drinks if you’re going down that road Mr. Browne!”

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