Beyond Sight And Sound

It wasn’t always like this, the darkness and the silence.  There was a time when his world was full of sound and vivid colours, all of which were taken for granted.  That was before the blast that ripped through the shopping centre, tearing away his sight and blowing away his hearing.  He imagined that people around him in hospital said that he was lucky in comparison to those who must have lost their lives.  All he had was his imagination make that assumption; back then that’s all he had apart from the pain and the high pitched tone in his head.

To say he was unlucky would be an untrue, he had Sally. She never left him, taught him to read brail, use vibration so that he could still recall his favourite tunes, and to show him more love than he deserved.  Five years had passed since the bomb and life was getting better month by month, however, he still lived in a world of silence and darkness. His remaining senses were acute and quite often amazed him.  Smell, a change in temperature and that uncanny feeling of knowing what is happening around you in a crowd even though you cannot see or hear them.

Sally had told him only recently that he was the best lover she had ever had.  He was focussed, attentive and seemed to know what she needed. He also believed this because he felt it too.  His life wasn’t fantastic being deaf and blind, however, he did have life and the more time that past the more he appreciated the fun of creating a new one.  A key part was experiencing sex with a completely different perspective.

Sally had pressed a sheet of paper into his hand one evening. He held it flat on the table to better run his fingers over the tiny brail bumps.  He only manged the first line before being distracted by Sally pulling aside his shorts and releasing his cock so that she could suck it.  The sensation was amazing these days what with having no external distractions.

‘For your birthday I have arranged something special. I have advertised locally for women who would like to fuck a deaf and blind man. The response has been quite amazing.  Interviews start tomorrow, but you won’t be involved,’ the piece of paper revealed.

And so, after weeks of emails and telephone conversations, the month of April arrived and with it a string of women appeared every other night. Like a river of sexually charged females, he experienced a buffet of sex.  The first woman was Asian, possibly Indian. He sensed a faint taste of  spices when he kissed her. Her mound was hairy and very wet, and she had a scent that was strong but intoxicating. Another was a large girl, much larger than Sally. He could feel her laugh when he undid her bra and released massive breasts. She was fantastic, greedy in fact, for cock and always kissing his face. The old lady with the thin tits and loose skin around her bum made him recoil at first, however, she was insatiable. She rode his cock time after time until he finally stopped her unable to take anymore.  Two girls one night, 3 another and then the group of 6 who must have known each other to be so coordinated.  He was exhausted and told Sally it must stop, although he was intrigued where this would end.

Finally, after weeks of unbridled debauchery he was presented with a very young girl who smelled lovely and had the smoothest skin. She didn’t jump all over him or wank him hard with her mouth. She was gentle, tentative and quite nervous. She entered his arms and curled into his body.  She touched every inch of his body as did he to her. His cock strained against the air around it like it was going to burst.  When she finally placed her lips over the end of his cock he knew she had never done this before. She was so gentle and kind, yet passion spilled over when he touched her.  He lay in bed with this tiny thing wrapped around him, only to be disturbed when Sally slipped in next to them.  She kissed him on the lips and then lent over him for a more than a minute. It wasn’t until he felt limbs beginning to move and warm breath from two people upon him did he realise that both women were sexually engaged.  They kissed him, touched him, and sucked him together, all the time feeling the difference between them.

In the morning he woke to the feeling of bodies leaving the bed. He asked out loud what was happening. Sally explained by signing on his hand that their guest had to leave as her car was here.  He felt a bump against the bed and then soft hands feeling up his arm and to his face.  A light kiss landed like a falling leaf against his cheek, and then she was gone.

“She’s like me, isn’t she?” he asked as Sally walked back into the bedroom.
“Yes,” Sally signed back into his large hand.
“Will she be coming back?”
Sally paused for a moment and replied,
“I hope so, she is incredibly cute and lives alone.  Maybe she could move in?”
He lay there without responding for some time contemplating the concept.
“You may have lost your sight and hearing, but your cock is a real give-away as to what you are thinking,” she signed.
And with that she straddled his hips just to remind him who it was that could fuck him the best.

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