Why would you?


“Why would you like to watch me suck another man’s cock? Missy asked me the other day.

This wasn’t some random question she decided to throw in, we had been having a discussion about some kinky thing and my reaction must have sparked it.  I responded without really thinking and said, “I would get off on it.”
“But why? She asked.

So why would I really like to watch missy sexually engaged with others?  Well for starters, it’s a fantasy and as with all fantasies they start deep down in your old grey matter as potential masturbation material and start to grow.  This particular seedling is not something I have nurtured with any other partner in my life, and there’s good reasons for that. Firstly, I have never  had such a emotionally close and physical relationship with anyone else that I trusted so much as missy, and secondly she is pretty much up for anything (quote) ‘if the right situation was to arise.’  That’s quite a good caveat on her part as that bit has never been fully explained, however, I do understand that the situation would have to be a heightened state of hedonist sexual arousal, and with the right people.  Should those particualr moons ever align, then fantasy may become reality, potentially!

At this point of the post I could take the path that this is a fantasy that we have discussed, and that is where I would like it stay, and that would be the easy option and….the end of the post; but that’s not me really, is it?  In fact,  I really would like missy to be tied down and sexually engaged whilst I too am sexually entertained by it.  The exact mechanics have never been written down, although I have penned a few scenarios when sitting in an airport to pass the time!

The title of this post is ‘Why?’ and that is a question I seek to find the answer to and to see where WHY fits into fatasy. Why indeed would I want to give over something so precious to others?  I think the answer lies in my kink of observing missy in both normal daily routine and full kink mode.  I love watching her get off on sexual activity.  The way her body contorts, skin changes, nipples harden and that wetness that gives her away.  The soft moans, gasps for breath and eyes that can occassionaly roll in her head.  I know that when missy reads this she will feel a stiring due to the fact that she has been exposed.  Imagine then how much her inner humiliation kink could run amock when unable to see her friendly sexual assailants go to work on her at my command.  And as you can see, the fantasy unravels at a rate of knots!

Having fantasies and sharing them is healthy and I beliveve should be encouraged. There should be no shame in them or judgement as this could be an opportunity to find something you may both enjoy, or very close to it.  D/s allows us to discuss and explore such things, and whether my fantasy (among others) is yours or not, does not matter.  There does not always have to be a ‘How’, or even a ‘Who’ at the start, sometimes you just need a ‘What-If’ to spark an idea.

One thing is for sure, you will always need to know WHY, no matter how obscure the idea!

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  1. Sometimes exploring the why can ruin it. Not every single one of my kinks has a why apart from… it turns me on and trying to find something more than that would mean I spent hours looking for answers that are probably not there. Why do I like men….. I can tell you what I like about them and that those things turn me on, why…. I am just wired that way


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