10TH Century Spanking


I can’t remember the first time I formerly spanked missy.  I don’t mean formally as in sending an invitation with an RSVP, I meant more spanking with an emphasis on the spank itself.  However it started, it became a favourite with the two of us and a great warm up for other activities.

From my own perspective as a Dom, spanking is certainly empowering in both terms of energy and emotion.  It does takes a lot of effort to continually spank a person. There can be stress to your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder, so if you suffer from joint issues take it easy as your sub won’t be the only one with soreness afterwards!

Emotionally, spanking can certainly have the effect that brings you closer together through a shared heightened experience.  It is very intimate, having bare cheeks exposed and vulnerable.  Of the few impact activities we play, spanking is the one I always remind missy of her Safe Word beforehand.  My main thinking behind this is quite often I get a real desire to strike her harder.  I put this down to there being a two-way physical contact, hand and arse, which flogging or canning doesn’t give me.  When I know missy is slowly getting into it and she can start to take my impact, that’s when I move into next gear.

Music plays a large part in spanking for me.  You can spank to the rhythm or be inspired by the majesty of classical crescendo.  I can recall on one occasion using The Doors for my musical backdrop. The hedonistic world that Jim Morrison created is ideal for losing yourself and going with the flow.  It’s more of an orgy of sounds than anything else, and being me, that strikes a note!  And so with missy laying across my lap face down with a wand between her legs I went to work.  The spanking slowly building over a long period of time, and ensuring she was okay, I started to push the boundaries.  I am twice the weight of her and one hand covers a single buttock with ease.  With the sounds of ‘Break on Through’ echoing off the bedroom walls I let loose the dogs of war!!  I openly admit it was probably the hardest spanking session to date we have done in terms of red hand prints!  With the wand and continual spanking, missy eventually came to shuddering and trembling halt. My hand throbbed, as did her arse. She twitched underneath me as the chemicals that had just flooded her body started to drain away like water in sand.  Lifeless and limp I caressed her body before wrapping her in a large duvet. Aftercare is so important for both of us when things get that out-of-hand!

Only spanking gives me that freedom to express myself through play in such a personal way, although I openly admit the thought of actually hitting missy freaked me out at the start. It was only when she said I could do it harder did the kinky penny drop, again, again and again..


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  1. Thank you. It’s not always easy to describe what’s going on in my head when playing as the emotions tend to fade fast afterwards. Spanking is different due to the physical connection making it easier to recal.

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