Even more Sketchy! (by request)

Having completed 500 words for Flash Friday and Masturbation Monday last week, I had calls to close this out. I hope it meets with your approval! (First part can be found here)

James looked at the driver hoping for some kind of moral support, however, there was none to be found.
“Can I take your bag sir?” He said with a nondescript American accent.
James looked down and was almost surprised to find he was clutching a small black pull-along suitcase.  The driver held out his gloved hand.
“Sir, the bag?”

Leaving the airport behind, the lights of downtown New York came into view.  Having made a call to his company to register as arriving safely off the flight, James looked at the back of the driver’s head. He wanted to ask where he was specifically going, but that was pointless as he didn’t know New York at all. There was also the added factor that he did know who he was going to meet, and yet didn’t really know why!

The thing about being in a car with just one other person is that you feel obligated to speak to them.  It was the silence that was deafening and as if the driver had read his mind he said,
“Would you care for some music sir?”
James involuntarily jumped at the sound of  a voice breaking the ice.
“Err, that would be nice, thank you?”
The sound of Miles Davis eventually filled the car, which seemed appropriate for the setting, although the fact that his wife’s aunt had suggested they fuck was quite intriguing. He knew she was supposed to be cool for an aunt. She lived in New York, obviously had money and managed to stay quite youthful in face and body.  Maybe she was just ‘out-there’ and said things to shock. That was probably the answer, however, deep down he knew that was just a facade he invented to stop his ego from running wild. He really should have gone to the hotel as planned by taxi. Not in a black limo heading, well, somewhere.
“When do you think we will arrive……..driver?”
“My name is Stewart, sir.  We should be there in 20 minutes.”
“Thank you Stewart, and where is it we are going?”
“Probably to hell sir, but that’s your business, not mine, I just carry bags and drive the car”
James just blinked and said nothing, although slightly shocked.

The car eventually turned off of a busy street and down into an underground car park. A big steel shutter slowly lifted like a heavy portcullis to a castle.  They passed through and the steel barrier lowered behind them.  The parking area was large with a few cars dotted about. It was well-lit, spotlessly clean with numbers headlining each bay.  The car swung round and halted by a service lift.
“Your stop sir.  You need apartment 5705, Ms Sienna should be home by now.”

Having left the comfort of the car and retrieved his bag from Stewart, he managed to enter the lift without futher comment. The doors did eventually close to James’ relief.  He looked at the apartment numbers and noticed that the lowest number was 5600 and the highest 5710. So, near the top then he thought.  Reaching over without moving his feet, he pressed 5705. The lift smoothly traversed skyward in almost silence. Only the slightest bump and his ears reacting to the altitude gave away he was actually moving.  Watching the numbers illuminate and fade with each floor he kind of hoped it would just keep going and miss the stop. Why the hell was he still here anyway?  With a loud ‘ping’ the metal box stopped with a soft bounce and the doors slid open.

The small lobby area was painted in inoffensive neutral colours with a small table supporting a Middle Eastern vase opposite the lift doors. To the left, some twenty feet away was a window, and in the other direction of the same distance an apartment door, 5705.  James studied the door for a moment and was about to about turn and leave, when the lift door slid shut and barred his escape. He looked up to see the long line of numbers being illuminated one by one as the lift descended. His stomach felt the same. Realising that standing in a room with two closed doors and window offered limited options, he turned and walked slowly towards 5705.

Although not obvious from his original vantage point, the door to 5705 was slightly ajar. Considering he was on the guest list he made the assumption that walking across the threshold would not be impolite and was about to place the flat of his hand against the white door when he realised that this might not be the aunt’s actual home.  He removed his hand and pressed the small brass doorbell. A distant buzz could be heard from the other side of the door and a female voice called,
“Come on in, it’s perfectly safe!”

Having wiped his feet on the floor mat and left his bag by the inner wall, James closed the front door and stepped into a deceptively wide hallway that flowed into an open space framed with a floor to ceiling view of New York by night.  He walked forward and was taken aback by the sheer size of windows that stretched in a wide arc to the left and right of the appartement’s floor. It resembled more of an office view than a home. It was truly breath-taking.
“I never get tired of looking at the city in miniature,” said a voice behind him.
James turned and met Aunt Sienna’s eyes. She held the gaze for a moment and held out her hands as she walked towards him.
“My darling James, how very nice to see you. Thank for accepting my cheeky invitation.”
“Well I have to say it was hard not to ignore, Aunt S!” He said nervously joking.
She reached him, grasped his hands and kissed him on both cheeks, paused, and kissed him briefly on the lips.
“Wonderful!” She exclaimed in a theatrical way. “Why don’t we get you out of those travelling clothes and freshen up?”

The guest bedroom was like a high-end hotel.  Everything was catered for including its own bar. A lady appeared from the bathroom and gestured that he should enter. The bath was full and a glass of something fizzy sat on a small table next to it. He turned to thank the lady but found his small suitcase had replaced the space she previously occupied. He undressed and placed his worn clothes into a carrier bag he packed for such a purpose. The trousers and jacket he hung in the wardrobe.  Maybe he would feel better after a clean up.

His bath was uninterrupted and the cold glass of fizz hit the spot.  He decided that staying in the bath too long would be rude, and despite Sienna’s odd behaviour, he did not want to cause offence.  Rising from the still warm water he looked for a towel in the spacious bathroom but could not see any. He took a quick glance in a cupboard but found nothing except glass jars, and then remembered seeing a small tower of towels on a chair in the bedroom. Opening the door into the next room caused him to halt in his tracks. Laying on the bed was Sienna, dressed in black underwear and long black gloves. “Hello sailor!” She laughed.  He noticed she was holding something in one hand, a rope of some description.

Walking quickly to the chair, he grabbed one of the towels and attempted to unsuccessfully wrap it around his waist.
“You need something bigger to cover that up James”
Looking down he realised he had taken a hand towel from the top of the small fluffy pile.  He chose a larger one and wrapped it tight.
“What’s going on Sienna?  I’ve gone along with ‘wacky aunt’ back story and to be honest it’s now feeling all a bit creepy and definitely wrong.”
Sienna looked at him for few seconds as if trying to find a weakness.
“James, I have attended more funerals in the last 10 years than I have weddings. That means I have crossed a line where I’m no longer invited to share in the future dreams of people, instead I am resigned to listening to people’s past in the form of eulogies. It’s fucking depressing darling, it really is.”
“And where do you think Sally and I fit into this disappearing world of yours?” He said somewhat sarcastically.
“Oh sweetheart, Sally doesn’t fit into this at all. She’s a lovely girl I’m sure, but when all is said and done she is my friend’s daughter who I speak to maybe five minutes once a year. Hardly an emotional support network is it? You on the other hand interest me a lot, and I have a proposition for you.”
James noticed that the rope in her hand suddenly tightened a little.

“On the floor behind me James I have something wonderful. A sheer delight one might say.  What I want from you is to play a game with me, and my delight here,” she said lifting the rope slightly.
James felt a rush of endorphins move through his body cause him to feel warm and his cock stir. This did not go unnoticed by Sienna.
“I’m glad to see you’re interested, and let’s be honest, I know you would love me to take your cock in my mouth, tilt my head back and let my big brown eyes look up at you. It’s already written isn’t it?
James’ cock physically moved the towel. He was undone, and the moral code that should protect him through this strange charade was about to fall away.
“What’s on the other end of the rope?” He asked with surprising confidence.

Sienna swung her legs slowly across the bed and rested her feet on the soft carpet. Knowing she was probably in her early 60’s, her body showed signs of general aging, however, that did not take away the obvious fact she leaked sex appeal from every pore.  She tugged the rope.
“Come here kitten.”
James could not believe his eyes. On all fours, a woman with the blackest skin he had ever seen, wearing nothing but a small cat mask and collar slowly padded round the bed.  Her skin shone and each movement of her body resulted in a selection of muscles rolling like waves on a moonlit sea. Letting out more rope she was allowed to make her way to James on the other side of the room.
“This is Smokey, my house cat. Say hello to James, Smokey.”
The beautifully shaped cat woman arrived at James’ feet and rubbed her face against his calf and proceeded to slink her body across and around his legs. The experience was mesmerizing. Around and around, back and forth she worked him over until she finally stopped and tugged his towel with her teeth.  It fell away to reveal a cock desperate for attention and a man on the edge of no return.

The moment the cat woman raised up her body and placed her tongue on the end of his cock he was lost. His let his head fall back and as he did so she engulfed him in her mouth. The feeling consumed him, and with a whimper of ecstasy he almost cried.
“Smokey, stop,” said Sienna. “Come here James.”
As if in a dream he walked over and submitted to Sienna’s kisses on his stomach and thighs.  He felt the same on his legs behind and finger nails on his back.  He was in limbo, lost and uncaring.
His brain was still trying to catch up when Sienna stroked his balls. He went up on tip-toes as if trying to move away. Soft hands grip his thighs and pulled him back down.
“Relax James, we have only just started, isn’t that right Smokey?”
“Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” came from behind him.
“Look at me James whilst I suck your cock; you mustn’t come though, do you understand?
James nodded in agreement but not fully understanding the implications.
Looking down he saw his cock expertly caressed by Sienna’s tongue. She pulled on his balls and occasionally bared her expensive white teeth to bite.  Behind him he felt the warm breath on his buttocks and soft lips fluttering on his skin like moths to a light.  As Sienna sucked hard he felt his arse cheeks being pulled open and a warm wet tongue penetrate the depths. Deeper the tongue went and the harder his cock became. He tried to fight the urge to come but as Smokey found his arsehole and pushed with the tip of her tongue, his hips jerked and he experienced an overwhelming bodily orgasm.  His knees buckled and he came face to face with Sienna. With one hand on the carpet and another on the bed it was all he could do keep upright. Sienna lent forward, lifted his chin and kissed him deeply. He knew immediately that her mouth was full of his hot come but he didn’t care, in fact it made his cock jump once more before his arm finally gave way.

Moving on to the bed he felt his arm and legs being pulled to the corners. He was in a dreamy state didn’t really care.
“I told you not to come James, remember?” Her taunting voice declared.
“Ha, yes I did didn’t I?”
Before he could close his mouth a gag was pushed in and tightened behind his head.
“Now the fun begins. Smokey, he’s all yours whilst I run a bath.”

The muffled cries could be heard from the bedroom some 20 minutes later. Sienna smiled knowing that Smokey would be keeping James’ cock in play despite any discomfort. He would be begging her to stop and would certainly have come once or twice again.  After almost an hour Sienna entered the bedroom in a white bathrobe. Smokey had fixed a penis pump to a protesting James and his cock was full inside the glass tube. He saw Sienna and with pleading eyes made noises through the gag which she knew to be pleas of mercy. It would not be found with her she thought. He was just a play thing for the many hours to follow.

Sienna was aware that James’ mobile phone had pinged a number of times from his jacket pocket. It was 6am in New York and the sun was rising behind the tall buildings. She often thought the city looked like a giant forest, coming to life each morning with the sun’s warmth slowly crawling through the undergrowth of the city streets.  The phone pinged again. She looked at the screen and saw it was some kind request to confirm a safety message. This needed a response she guessed.  James was still tied to the bed and fast asleep. His body was unmarked aside from a very swollen cock which Sienna took some pride in.  She bent over and kissed his cheek.
“James darling, Jameees. Wakey wakey.”
He slowly came to, involuntarily jumped and then tugged at his bonds.
“What the fuck! Get me out of these, now!”
“Sorry darling, no can do, at least not yet.  Your phone has been pinging and I think it needs answering. Let me have your pin number and I can answer for you.”
“Are fucking kidding? Let me out or I’ll….”
“You’ll do what exactly?” She said cutting him short. “Give me the pin and I’ll let you go in a while.”
“Go fuck yourself Sienna and your weird cat freak.  You’ve toyed with me and then abused me. I didn’t ask for that. I can still feel that thing in my arse”
“That’s because it’s still there, and now connected.”
“What do you mean, connected?”
She smiled.
“Pin code?”
“Fuck you. If I don’t answer within 4 hours the last GPS code is sent to the company’s security contractor who then alert the local police. They will be banging on your door before you can cover your scrawny old body.”
“4 hours eh?” Sienna said with a sinister smirk.

Despite James’ anger, his cock was easy to get hard again and when Sienna sat astride him his anger turned to sheer aggressive lust. She fucked him to the point he could feel his cock no more, a numb piece of solid muscle she rode until she came in waves. Her hands were on his chest, pushing down, restricting his ability to breathe fully.  Finally she stopped and looked down on him.
“Now James,  I am finished with you, but Sally is not.
“Sally?” He asked surprised.
“Yes darling, Sally, you remember her. Your wife, my god-daughter. Sally.”
“What has she got to do with this?”
“Well, apart from the fact that you have been happily fucking me behind her back, there is the small matter of you re-mortgaging your home, that was technically a wedding gift, behind her back. And the incidental matter of your gambling debts, Sally being threatened for the money and you fucking everything in a skirt.”
James just stared and said nothing.

Before Sienna showered, she inflated the butt plug in James’ arse; probably too fast, but hey, the clock was ticking.
“Okay James, I am leaving. We won’t meet again.”
“What the hell do you mean leaving. You can can’t leave me alone?”
“Alone? Oh no dear boy, you’re not alone.”
She turned and opened bedroom door.
“Meet Gary, Tony, Leroy, oh and Shasa, she’s a photographer.  Boys, you have two hours before someone starts looking for him. Enjoy a whole new experience James of you being on the receiving end of getting fucked over, you’ll soon get the hang of it I’m sure.”
“Sienna, please..”
“Toodle pip my sweet, toodle pip!”
And she was gone like the breeze.

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  1. A very sexy, twisted conclusion. Gosh Sienna & Sally played the long game! Very nicely done.
    I agree with other comments – your scene setting was like a fine art painting.

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