‘The Next Train Leaving Platform 4 is…’

It is no secret that missy and I have discovered the joint thrill of taking photographs of her, and occassionaly the two of us together.  When we first started out in our relationship I sometimes introduced a camera to capture our early encounters, however, they were our pictures and saved just for us.  That was before D/s.

Over time our boundaries have either widened or shifted a little.  For people starting out in a D/s dynamic having a discussion about limits in both sexual play and communication is probably one of the most important conversations you can have.  For us it was done initially as a bit of fun and if my memory serves me right we downloaded a questionairre of the internet. It did help in some way to clarify what we already knew, and at the same time provide a record of what we were thinking at the time.

Three years have passed since we did that and if visited again we would find some changes, some of which would certainly make us laugh.  Now I’m not going to share what they are as that could either give new people a prescribed objective that isn’t their own or give you dear reader greater insight our private life. What you see is only what we allow you to see; which is probably too much anyway!

Like a map, your D/s discussion regarding limits is only as accurate as the day it went public. That is not to say it is an agreement that carries no longevity, but it is just a snap shot of how you were feeling at the time.  Ours change regualry, although we don’t dig out the original piece of parchment and quill to amend it. It is something we recognise or discuss. It may be that we have read something or saw something that influenced our perspective. Regardless of the source, we do discuss things to ensure the other person is kept up to date on developments!

Missy and I have relationship where we can discuss anything, and not be offended or worried about the subject matter. We have shared ideas that could, in some relationships, make the other person doubt if they are not enough for the relationship.  I do know a friend of mine who was intimidated by a vibrator when his wife bought one.  Missy could buy a horse cock dildo and it wouldn’t bother me. Actually that is untrue, it would require a chat, although I wouldn’t be intimidated, more concerned about the long term effects and where to store it!

For us though D/s is like a train journey. The carriage is us, alway a constant, the window is our dynamic, always different each time we look out of it, and the rails are the boundaries we agreed to set ourselves by. Sometimes we see something we like, get off to have a better look or on occassion travelling a different line to see where it takes us!


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